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I will thanks! Also on what commands should I add a cooldown?


Really cool and challenging game 5 stars

Seems cool but I don't  have OpenGL to play it sadly!

Really cool Concept Audio and Gameplay but the graphics don't much the background looks cool and the rocket looks not so good but it's ok because I in my game it's cubes with post processing!

Second Game Little Broken But Great Concept!

Two Games Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic Theme?

Is there gonna be a theme? Can I make a game without the chosen theme?

Pretty good concept 


If you won the game you lied! I used an Auto Clicker and I couldn't win!

Two Games Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic Simple?

I started coding like a year ago but i haven't coded in months! and i dont have much time this week is it alright if My game is simple shapes with Post Processing?


Sorry bro found teamate

He meant the Theme will be reveald at the day the jam starts

Use Unity Or Unreal Engine 4 They Are Both Free But I Would Suggest Unity Because It Is Easier!!

If you want check my game

I am good at art not like a profesional but i cal draw but only 2d

If you know how to code in 2D(cause I don't)  You can help me I will do the art for the game you will do the code and together we will do the Game oh and I am 13 years old

I don't think I can... Sorry😥

Hey i can Make art but only 2D and i have no idea of coding i always follow Brackeys Tutorials!! 

Hey i would like to team up but i am only 12 years old i dont now scripting because i now started and i have made one game only...If you want i can make the art!I use Unity And Photoshop

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I am 12 years old and i would love to have a team that creates 2D (Also i have no idea how teams works and i am new to unity) i need a coder