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You're welcome! I hope my wall of text didn't come across as too negative, since I did have a very positive experience with the game overall, but I wanted to try and focus on the newer additions and didn't want to repeat stuff from my other comment.

Also Happy New Year to you too!

Just finished playing through all the levels! Yeah, I did find two small bugs:

I assume that the volume is supposed to increase or decrease in flat increments of 5%, but sometimes it offsets and increases by 4% or 6% instead. I'm assuming that might be some sort of rounding error?

This small tunnel in the Barrel Canyon level where the rolling spike balls filter out instantly kills you if you touch it. I assume the game thinks that I'm being crushed between the platforms.

Aside from those, I thought that most of the new levels and all of the bosses were solid! The game definitely has a steep difficulty curve, as increasingly difficult level designs combine with new, also increasingly difficult mechanics. I found myself starting to feel frustrated with the ice and the darkness mechanics in World 5, though. You seem to maintain the friction if you jump off the ice, and your jump ends up being locked into an arc that you can hardly adjust; it's completely different from how jumping off any other ground type works. This ended up really messing with me at multiple sections of the level and caused me to jump with nearly no horizontal speed and fall right into the adjacent pit a handful of times. I don't think the darkness is too bad, but I feel like the player could use a slightly larger viewing radius. I found myself being unable to see some of the hazards, especially the big spike ball enemies, until I had already moved right into them. I started feeling the frustration of being stuck with 0 hearts every time I respawned at the checkpoint at the final section of the level, and I ended up giving in and taking the 10 hearts freebie after dying a whole bunch of times.

The bosses don't seem to scale in difficulty nearly as much as the levels, especially since you always have two free hearts to grab and the fight checkpoints after you've done half of the boss's life bar. I felt like Larry was an extremely easy boss and not much tougher than Cinge from the first world. Francis was definitely an interesting fight, but I quickly figured out his pattern and didn't struggle with him at all after that. In my opinion, Mega Klaw is probably the most challenging boss of the bunch, but compared to the normal levels, they're all pretty easy.

Nice! Downloading it now and planning to check it out sometime soon.

Glad to see that you're still moving along with this project! I've been meaning to try out the game again at some point since you've pushed out all these updates for it.

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Is this really a Scratch game? This is probably the best one I've played on this site so far! Congratulations on making a surprisingly fun game!

I decided to play with all three extra difficulty settings on, which probably made the game more enjoyable. I chose to keep the axe in my first run, but I kept getting lots of upgrades for bullets. It wasn't clear if they would benefit the axe's projectile, so I chose to ignore them.

I got to the Venomite battle on my second run, but I ran out of time to finish the fight before the next wave started automatically, which made Venomite's health bar and the boss music go away. I feel like more time should be given to finish the boss waves with the Enemy Territory setting active, as I got run over by the mobs that spawned in while the boss's patterns were still going on.

Just an advisory for anyone interested in playing this game - the two downloads are exactly the same, with the exception of one technical setting.

The first download (the "VSync Enabled" one) should run perfectly fine for everyone, so I suggest that you get this one. The other download may run at an unchecked framerate on certain systems (basically meaning that the game speed could be faster than it's supposed to be) and is mainly just there for posterity and because this is a silly jam game with no proper in-game menu to toggle the setting.

You're welcome! I just noticed you added browser support, but when the game finishes loading, I receive this error each time:

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: indirect call to null

Hello! From the video, this looks very cute and well-animated. Has this only been compiled for Mac? I didn't find any other executable in the download.

Glad you enjoyed the game! I did end up altering the three-slugs room during development to allow you to defeat them with falling arrows (arrows will dislodge and fall when you fire at a wall up close, and I ended up liking it as tech to defeat certain enemies), but I do think the lava-themed rooms with bats ended up being a little harder than they needed to be. I have gotten a similar comment about how shooting the bats in the room with three of them only makes the room harder to complete than it initially is, haha.

Does your controller come with software to map buttons to keyboard inputs? I know others who wanted to play some of my games with a controller as well, and that ended up working for their needs. I have been interested in implementing custom keybinds for future games if it feels warranted, but it's something you have to specially program for in GMS. I would have to rewrite and reorganize a bunch of this game's code for it, and yeah, it's just something I wanted to quickly throw together.

I have a friend who occasionally schedules posts on Twitter to showcase random GIFs of his game development in process. He says that it's something you have to regularly keep up with if you want to see some traffic, and games that are visually interesting are more likely to get noticed. I tried using it a long while back to show off some of my own game development stuff, but I found it to be too much of a hassle to keep up with, especially because I don't particularly care about trying to get attention.

As for more text-heavy devlogs... I'm not sure if there's any special place you could go to post things like that. I have gotten some hits from all the devlogs I made for my larger games here on itch, but part of that might be because I'm in the pool of "featured" users on this site, so anything I do shows up in a special featured feed. Honestly, I think the best thing you can do is to just continue making games if you're passionate about it! Your follower count will only go up if you keep putting stuff out, and I've had several bursts of traffic on random things I've made across my time on this site.

The bugs are really no problem! My playthrough of the game wasn't negatively impacted at all by any of the little things I came across, but I just wanted to mention them in case you ever wanted to touch this game again. Sorry to hear about the issues with RPG Maker MZ; I didn't know that it had compilation issues, and I can see how that would be really annoying to try and work against.

I did think this was a very quality RPG Maker game, so I'm definitely going to look forward to anything you have coming next. Is there anywhere else you share game development stuff? I would be interested in keeping up if so!

Congratulations on releasing the expanded version! I just got to play through it, and I really like all the changes you made to flesh out the story and characters more. As always, I love the custom sprites and music for the game, and all the new additions for both are just as excellent and help to make the game feel more engaging and vibrant! The new enemy sprites to represent their remaining health are very cool and add a good feeling to the combat. The new maps and scenes that flesh out Edward's backstory and the post-game events definitely help in making this feel like a more proper RPG.

I do feel like the game still leans toward the easy side, and I never felt much of a need to spend money on anything aside from recovery items and a few accessories, especially with all the nice items to be found in the dungeon and forged with demon dust, but I don't really consider that to be a problem. It's definitely better that a turn-based battler is too easy rather than too hard, and I appreciate having the opportunity to be able to manage my character's attributes in several different ways. However, I did find that I had to reconsider my selection of equipment for the "extra fight," and I especially liked encountering a challenge that forced me to think about my approach.

I didn't run into any significant problems during my playthrough of the game, but here's a short list of the small issues I encountered, if you ever feel up to modifying the game again at some point:

  • A few indoor tiles seem to have odd collision, mainly the brown and gray shelves found in "The Skeleton Closet."
  • The initial story trigger of talking to the boss in the UPD building repeats if you speak to the boss again. It didn't affect my actual position in the story but just felt odd.
  • One of Dan's dialogue boxes when talking to him after the demon den sequence displays twice in a row.
  • The "enraged" status effect has a messy text pop-up with the word "undefined" appearing in it after the enemy's turn.

Just got around to playing your demo!

The controls feel tight and the gameplay is solid. I really like how you had something new to introduce in each of the demo levels, so that kept the demo feeling fresh the whole way through, and each of the levels was able to stand out from all the others. The visuals are quite clean and pleasing to look at as well! Some of the levels being labeled as "secret" do make me curious if you have plans to include future levels with branching paths in the full game, as everything here is linear, and I don't really see room where you could hide exits to secret levels. Overall, this is a very promising demo that feels very refined compared to your games from the past!

Wall-jumping and attacking large enemies are the only things I really found issue with. There doesn't seem to be any way to disengage from a wall if you touch one while airborne, so you either have to wall-jump or wait until you slide down the wall. This isn't a significant issue in any of the current level designs, but it was something I noticed that felt off. The loss of control when attacking the large enemy or the boss make sense to me since it's intended to push you away, but their hitboxes are so large that I got stuck inside them and ended up taking hits fairly often. I ended up doing a ton of damage to the boss in a short time because I would get stuck bouncing back and forth inside the hitbox, which was pretty funny, but it definitely didn't feel intended.

Oh yeah, I had one more comment about the flying enemy that shoots fireballs on the Skyway level; there's no visual warning before it fires another projectile, and although it's not really an issue since its attack is on a consistent timer, I feel like adding an additional sprite frame right before it attacks would be an appreciated warning and detail.

You're welcome! I remember finding your channel back in the era when the YoyoGames Sandbox was still a thing, and I had been wanting to try and put something together with the old Game Maker 7. I was a pretty clueless kid at the time and didn't really know what I was doing, but I looked up to a bunch of people who were putting out fun stuff and was hoping that I could be like them someday. I distinctly remember you had some scrolling shooter game called Strato-Scruffy that I thought was really cool with all the unique bosses, so I guess you could say that my goal was to make something at least comparable to that, haha.

Pretty much everything I made at the time was hot garbage since I was a dumb kid and didn't really understand a lot of the stuff in Game Maker's drag-and-drop interface either. At some point I decided to give up on programming a game at the time, and I went off to use some of the PC RPG Makers for a few years while mainly working on my art and spriting ability.

I did eventually return and picked up GameMaker Studio 1.4, but I still didn't ever share anything I made with the public for two years or so. Eventually, I guess something clicked, and I started using GML to make new games instead of the drag-and-drop interface. I finally started liking my output well enough to make an account here and posted a scrolling shooter back in 2017 (Dark Space).

Since then, I started feeling more of a passion to continue with game dev, and I've been making more games in GMS 1.4. I finished my proudest project (Moth to the Moon) late last year, but my brother and I recently started planning to add original music and overhauled sound effects to the game. A few things are done for that, but nothing that's ready to go public yet. I'm hoping to at least get a trailer out when all the new sound effects are ready. Aside from that, I've also been trying to put out some smaller games on occasion to keep my abilities fresh.

Yo, are you that Scruffy guy who put up videos on YouTube, like, ages ago? I have memories of watching your stuff when I was just a kid, too, and you were one of my inspirations to pick up game dev for myself.

It all started coming back to me once I saw your artstyle and characters here on itch. It's nice to see that you're still going! I'll have to check this out. The gameplay looks pretty nice from the video!

Congratulations! Looking forward to trying the full game.

This game is blessed

Just got finished playing this game. I really like it! You put a lot of effort into this project, and it shows.

I'm very impressed with the game's visuals! Everything looks beautiful, and I appreciate the attention to small details, such as the background paintings keeping watch on you. The movement animations on the demons are also pretty swanky.

I only have a few small gripes with the game, not that any of them negatively impacted my experience at all. One of the rooms (in your first screenshot on this page, actually) has a jump that feels weirdly precise and awkward to make compared to the rest of the game, and there seemed to be a key I couldn't reach in another room, not that I needed it. Also, I rescued all 150 prisoners early on the third day and returned to the safe room, but I still had to idle for a few minutes and wait out the timer.

Also, is it just me or does it feel like the rooms change slightly from day to day? I could have sworn that I fully explored certain sections of the mansion, only to find new prisoners where I thought I already went through. Maybe I'm just dumb, though.

Nice to see your progress! Looking forward to trying it when it's ready!

"Whoa, are you still playin' this thing?"

There is a chance that the copy of the game in the first download will run at an unchecked framerate (speeding up the gameplay and making it pretty unplayable).

The second download (with VSync enabled) should function normally for everyone, so if you find issues with the first download or simply don't know if it's working properly, take this one.

Wow! Stumbling upon this game was certainly a pleasant surprise! This is a wonderful concept for a puzzle game, and the visuals and audio really make this feel like a complete package. The controls do take a little bit to get used to, but learning them and seeing how Medusa is able to interact with her environment definitely pays off.

One little quirk I noticed is that it was possible to jump onto a pull-able block that is three tiles high by jumping into it at a precise angle. This didn't cheap out any of the existing levels in the game, though, so it's not really important.

The visuals for the game are very charming and well-done! Most of the microgames feel impossible and incomprehensible, but I imagine that it's all to convey the dynamic between these two lovely characters.

Also, this is the greatest soundtrack of all time.

Cute game with an enjoyable concept! I had fun playing it.

This game does have an ending and a victory screen! What you think is the final boss isn't actually the final boss, and another route opens after defeating the second boss. Did you notice any "skull" gates in a different room, similar to the ones in the room of the first boss?

I'm sorry about the exclusion of any permanent saving features; this is just a quick, game jam-type game that I put together in a short period and didn't consider adding anything of the sort. It sounds like you got pretty close to the end, though.

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This game is pretty fun, and I enjoyed playing it!

Despite how you might feel about them, I honestly like the custom art assets you made quite a lot. The scratchy, black-and-white look to the characters complements the aesthetics of the battlefield quite well, and the game is overall pleasant to look at. There's something about the simplicity to the characters that gives me a comforting vibe; I'm sure the warm colors lend to that as well.

The controls feel tight and responsive. The difficulty mainly seems to stem from how the two types of enemies move at nearly the same speed, so you sometimes run into situations where it's difficult to kill either one without taking damage. I was going to comment that the dash felt unnecessary as it's generally preferable to just kill the enemies instead of avoiding them, but I realized after playing for a little while that it could be used to pass in between two vertically aligned enemies, so it definitely has a useful application as a means of escape.

The only criticism I really have is that the powered-up state (that is what the meter is for, right?) doesn't feel particularly impactful. My character seemed to be moving around a little faster and attacking with a bigger hitbox than normal, but it wasn't particularly obvious that I was under the effect of the buffs. Something more visual would probably help to communicate that my character is stronger now, but I can see how that would be hard to work in with the simplistic art style.

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed the game. I just put out an early update to address some issues, which should hopefully eliminate the issue of having to repeat the platforming challenges to reach the green and blue switches after deaths and make the bosses more manageable to deal with.


That's a nice trailer! The opening animation is cool as well~

Nice concept! I played this through twice and just walked straight to the boss on my second time, which made for an amusingly fast ending.

Jack community · Created a new topic My Impressions
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This was an interesting experience. I didn't really have any expectations going into this game, but I was still surprised by what I found. It was nice to see the original artwork and sprite assets, and the custom music fit the tone of the game pretty well, too.

It would have been interesting if the story at the beginning of the game was expanded on more. Why is Jack religious? What was the "really bad" secret he discovered about his goddess? Why did the goddess presumably put Jack in a series of mazes and ask him questions about animals? What actually happened in the game felt disconnected from what I was told at the start, and I wasn't sure what to make of it.

The extra material after the end of the game was a nice touch. I don't often see features like that in games, and it helps to show that you were passionate about developing this game.

A man is lost without the sauce, but a man can also be lost in the sauce.

Take your time, I've had that exact experience multiple times with my own game development too.

To be or not to be; that is the question.

Thank you!

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Congratulations on finishing your first game! I really enjoyed all the artwork you did for your story; it's very cute and pleasing to look at.

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Nice work! I'm looking forward to seeing how the game feels now when I get a chance to play it.