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This is unexpected! I'm very interested to see how you'll manage to fit the vast world of Vana'diel into a small GB cartridge.

This is a pretty cute experience I just spent my morning going through. I do like the concept of being able to take actions that alter the world in such a way that other actions become unavailable. It's possible to obtain multiple certain treasures before having to use the time box, which goes against the theme of the game, but this was still a treat to go through. Your brother did some nice work here!

This is pretty nice for a demo! Do you have plans to continue working on this prototype?

Nice work! I really enjoy the graphics and the music of this game.

There is a secret cheat code hidden somewhere in the menus if you are not a bad enough dude to save the Dark Space with double Otuga.

That's nice! I shouldn't need to go through the trouble of making and testing a Linux port of the game, then.

Have you seen the mythical fifth stage yet?

Where's my modding community at?!

Nice work

Groovy music~

This is beautiful.

Sad ending. :c

I'm not sure if you're still around, but I came back to this game recently and finally completed the brutally difficult hard mode!

Nice! Thanks for making another video!

You're free to play the current version of the game. I was planning on adding music eventually, but I have yet to receive anything from the composer who wants to do the music. It's very likely that the future update I'm currently developing still won't include any music, and I have no idea when (or if) Dark Space will eventually have music.

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EDIT: I didn't notice that this was an older video; I thought you had made a new video of an old version of Dark Space. My bad!
Thank you for making another gameplay video for my game! There will be a little more for you to see if you download the current version (a title screen illustration and an introductory cutscene, among other changes). I'm also working on a large update that will add lots of new content and fix a few issues present in the current version, so you can look forward to that in the future, too!

You did well in making the battles feel tense! I like your use of sound effects and how the results of each clash are only revealed a few seconds afterward.

Very interesting idea! I would like to see more of this.

Hey, thanks for trying my game out! I'm really glad you enjoyed playing it.

The way the weapon system works is that you can have up to two orbitals following you at the same time. There's a hidden counter that increments as you defeat enemies, eventually causing an orbital to appear. Your newest orbital is written first, and your oldest orbital is written second; whenever you pick up a third orbital or lose an orbital, the older one is the one to disappear (which is why I opted to show orbital names instead of a single weapon name in the bottom-left). You'll lose an orbital if you take three hits in succession while having the same orbital combination throughout (on Hard difficulty, you'll lose an orbital in one hit if you're holding two).

You raise some very good points, though, and I can now see how confusing the orbital system can be to new players. I've been considering adding a short tutorial stage where the core mechanics of the game are explained, and this shows me that it would be a welcome addition.

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I would say that this is your best game yet! Your effort and passion really shine in this one, especially with the huge arsenal of moves the main character has and all of the little aesthetic details in each stage. I'm also quite impressed with the multitude of stages and gameplay modes! I could see myself getting hours of playtime out of this.

I did notice a few minor issues that I want to comment on:

  • There doesn't seem to be a list of controls anywhere. I suppose this isn't really an issue when using a game controller, but it took me a while to discover all the keyboard inputs. I think having all the controls spelled out in a single place would be very useful.
  • Walking doesn't seem to be possible with keyboard controls unless you perform a sliding attack and try to move in the opposite direction afterwards. This isn't a huge issue since I usually want to immediately run fast, but I would like to be able to use the walking-unique attacks more easily.
  • The burly purple dudes seem to be a little buggy with regard to the combo system. It's possible to get combos on them while they're doing their ground slam attack, and the combo doesn't go away until they land on the ground again. Their combo occasionally doesn't seem to go away at all when they land on the ground, too.
  • EDIT: Here's something that happened to me twice, but I wasn't sure if I put in some random key combination that closed the game or not: The game has crashed for me twice so far on Nightmare mode. The first crash occurred after I wiped out on Mushroom Madness, and the second crash occurred after I got hit by a bomb clown at the final showdown. I don't know what's happening, but it seems like your code might be crashing somewhere.

P.S.: Minus 500 bazillion points for using the old Windows fanfare sound!!

Hi! I was playing the game on normal mode as a Fuzzi and completed one planet, and I became an Ixi when I advanced to the second planet because I pressed Z instead of X to begin the second planet. I figured that this is a bug you'd like to hear about. I'm really enjoying this game, though!