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I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to check out that video yet - but I wanted to say thanks! :) Hoping to get a chance to learn and give your game a go soon.

This is so cool and such an interesting way of visually representing gender - unfortunately I don't speak German, but I am eagerly awaiting the English release!

Sorry, this seems incredibly interesting but upon paying and downloading the PDF, I must admit I am terribly confused. Could someone explain this game to this noob in more layman terms please?

Thank you very much, Wechenbetelly! I have looked through the list and cannot find it. Perhaps the developer took it down... But thank you nevertheless!

Thanks, Dark Dimension! I've added a few more details I can recall to the post in the hopes it will help.

Hi, I love DBH and would love to play this game, unfortunately when I download it (mac) and double click it a pop up comes up that says "This application can't be opened." I'll keep trying to find a fix, but just wanted to let you know in case it's something to note for future projects! :)

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Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here on the community forums. I hope this is okay to post and ask about.

I remember playing a game that I found here a long time ago. It was a first person, 3D game where you're in a gallery of sorts, and looking at each picture on the walls brought you into the scene in the picture. 

It was a puzzle game in that your goal once you're in the scene is to get back out - the twist is that no shadows are rendered, so if a wall and the floor are the same colour, you can't tell where the floor ends and the wall begins. I think the term for it is "flat shading?" But this was the unique mechanic.

I remember in the first level (the first painting you encounter and enter), you have to take a step up to reach the exit door. But you can't see the step you have to jump over because of the flat shading style.

I played it on Mac.

I remember that you can jump, I don't remember if you can sprint.

Hoping that someone will be able to help me out! Superliminal just came out recently and that's got me thinking of all the cool puzzle games with interesting mechanics, haha. Cheers!

EDIT: I have found the game, it is called Beyond Perception. Thank you to everyone who helped me!

Thanks for your key, Saft! :)

Hey Dan, this is awesome and I adore it. It's so cool and unique and refreshing. I don't have much to donate, but I hope it helps. 


Thanks for the pixel, McGravin. 

Whoever receives my happy frog, I hope he made you smile.

Thank you OP for this gem.

I loved this, it's so wholesome and deals with a topic so many of us are familiar with in a charming and positive way. Thanks!