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Currently I’m not working on this project. I like it too, but you can probably imagine why I felt it turned out to be overambitious. Revisiting it is tempting, but there are various technical/practical issues to working on this game—I can talk about that if you want, but it could get lengthy :p

Right now I’m focusing more on developing the unused ideas of this game as short stories. Cookies and Milk is a pretty direct sequel spinoff to this game, and while 2 Guys 1 Laptop is not as directly connected, it is also set in the same universe and has a similar visual style/mood. I’ve got a third spinoff in the works, just called “mystery project” for now, but I’m not sure that’s any good, so I’m not sure that’ll go anywhere :p

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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That wasn't quite my intention, but I do think that's an interesting interpretation that makes sense.

I was mainly thinking that these guys are, well, mostly straight, and wanted to show some of the variation possible there. I imagine both of them have had sex with women, have enjoyed this quite a bit, and want to continue doing this—it's only their attraction to men, like each other, that's a bit weaker, and that they are more ambivalent about.

I think it does make sense that this could end up getting expressed similarly to some forms of asexuality, like autochorissexuality, but I didn't really think of that possibility until now :p

If you like alternate universe explorations of sexuality, you may like my other stuff—although I often take advantage of the alternate universe part more to increase moral complexity than to create a "comfortable distance," so it may not always be the most relaxing thing in the world :p

Update: Super Fuzzy Beach Dater was terribly overambitious, I'm trying to make some more short stories now :p

Not really, sorry. I realized a while back that it was far too overambitious, particularly with my bad health :(

However, I do have some plans to develop this game's universe more in other, shorter projects, and will post in this game's devlog if that goes anywhere.

Thanks, glad the game made you think :p

This game was partially inspired by a long-running furry comic, Freefall, that goes more in depth into the idea of furry/AI rights. If you liked this you might like that? :p

Thanks! But if it's still not working… I don't know what's going on lol

If I end up changing anything that I think could help fix this problem, I'll respond to this thread to let you know :p

Unfortunately, I'm actually pretty confident I know what the problem is, and I've been dreading this :(

The version of the game engine I'm using is a bit outdated, and has some bugs—the worst of which is that, apparently, on some computers, there's a chance all the text drawing functions will completely and utterly fail to draw anything. This is likely the problem you're suffering from.

Even though I've basically canceled the project, at some point I probably should at least upload a version that uses a newer version of the engine, to help fix problems like this. But, I've been moving slowly lately and can't make any guarantees there. Until then, you might be able to the work around the problem by downloading the .love file version of the game, and running it with this program: That's the game engine I'm using, just distributed separately.

Hope that helps :p

If you could, try downloading the program I used to make the game, and see if that works on its own. It's been updated to a slightly newer version than the one that is bundled with the game, and if I remember right, the new version fixes some glitches that could prevent it from starting on some computers.

If that program works on its own, you may be able to use the .love file version of the game to play it. (To tell if it's working: launching it should show a simple test animation made by its developers.)

If the same thing happens, though, the problem may be with that program instead of my game, and there may not be much I can do about it.

I hope that helps :(

(I'm planning on updating to the new version at some point, but I haven't gotten to it yet, sorry.)

It depends on which of the downloads you got.

The prepackaged versions of the game—the ones labeled "Windows" or "Mac"—should just work once you unzip the zip file and run the program inside.

The ".love file" version of the game, however, contains a .love file that needs to be opened in this separate program.

In general, though, you shouldn't have to do much to run the game. If you could tell me more about what happens when you try to run the game, that may help me figure out what the problem is.

Thanks a bunch!

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Well, hopefully I can. Right now my main priority is making more of my other game, Super Fuzzy Beach Dater, and if you liked this I'd recommend giving that a shot. This game was sort of testing the waters for some of the heavier topics I might cover in that game, after all.

I'm not sure how many short stories like this I'd be making, though.

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for taking a while to get back :(

I'd like to add that I think that the "Everyone, Mature, Adults Only" distinction is a good idea that I've seen work on other sites, and that I think the middle ground of "mature" would be particularly nice for my current projects. The current two settings—"acceptable to absolutely everyone" or "so adult this game is hidden from normal browsing"—are a bit extreme, and I think there are a lot of works that hit a middle ground.

As for other types of content warnings… a lot of ideas have been thrown around, but I think simply lifting the 10 tag limit would satisfy the vast majority of use cases with a feature the site already has. I imagine the current limitation was instated largely to prevent tag spamming, but I think people here have presented use cases for more detailed metadata that are compelling enough that they may outweigh the moderation headache.

In addition, I think the ad hoc nature of tags is better suited for a job like this than something more organized and curated. I imagine that the types of content warnings people could potentially use are varied enough that attempting to make a set list of them would be an exercise in futility, particularly with adult content. 

I do think there should be leeway for individual developer judgment with this, though. For example, while in terms of age ratings, Doki Doki Literature Club should likely be required to at least be marked "mature," I do not believe the developers of it should be subject to disciplinary action for saying "this game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed" instead of something more specific. I'm not sure if this is even remotely in the cards, but it does seem like whether something like this could happen is very dependent on the details of how content warnings are implemented and moderated.

Thank you very much!

I have considered buying ad space on FurAffinity and/or e621, and I may do that in the future. For now, though, I think some good word-of-mouth would help. Tell other people about the game, if you could :p

Thanks! And yes, I made everything myself.

I'm posting weekly progress updates on the devlog of this game, and with any luck the next version will be out… soon-ish :p

Thanks! This is something I'm trying to address in the next demo—the same amount of plot is covered, but there's a lot of extra content in addition to the main story now—so look forward to that :p

Thanks a bunch! Sorry I haven't updated this for a while, but I'm going to try to get a lot better at that. At the very least, I'm going to try to post consistent updates to the game's devlog.

I will try to keep the quality high throughout development, and keep doing the things you mentioned. I hope I can make the game feel engaging and immersive, even when compared to visual novels with large teams and HD artwork.

And it's encouraging to hear you already like one of the characters :p

Currently no, but I am thinking of trying to start one at some point.

I'd want to wait until I've gotten a little more done on the project, among other things.

You asking gives me some hope people might be interested, though, so I am taking the idea seriously.

Thanks! I've been sick lately, so development has been going pretty slow, but I'm still working on it.

I'm currently rewriting the game's code, to make it an HTML5 game, and to change the gameplay a bit. That's been pretty hard, but hopefully it will be worth it :p


You should be able to go back by pressing Page Up. Pressing Shift+Page Up will take you back further.

You currently can't save your game, sorry. This demo is pretty short (usually about 20 minutes when I play it), so hopefully that isn't a huge problem :(