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Unfortunately, I'm actually pretty confident I know what the problem is, and I've been dreading this :(

The version of the game engine I'm using is a bit outdated, and has some bugs—the worst of which is that, apparently, on some computers, there's a chance all the text drawing functions will completely and utterly fail to draw anything. This is likely the problem you're suffering from.

Even though I've basically canceled the project, at some point I probably should at least upload a version that uses a newer version of the engine, to help fix problems like this. But, I've been moving slowly lately and can't make any guarantees there. Until then, you might be able to the work around the problem by downloading the .love file version of the game, and running it with this program: That's the game engine I'm using, just distributed separately.

Hope that helps :p

Hello tantei,I tried following your advice but this didn't work,i downloaded the .love file and played it but the same problem came ,if you could fix this it would be amazing, thanks and Btw i love the little cat on the load menu !!

Thanks! But if it's still not working… I don't know what's going on lol

If I end up changing anything that I think could help fix this problem, I'll respond to this thread to let you know :p