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That wasn't quite my intention, but I do think that's an interesting interpretation that makes sense.

I was mainly thinking that these guys are, well, mostly straight, and wanted to show some of the variation possible there. I imagine both of them have had sex with women, have enjoyed this quite a bit, and want to continue doing this—it's only their attraction to men, like each other, that's a bit weaker, and that they are more ambivalent about.

I think it does make sense that this could end up getting expressed similarly to some forms of asexuality, like autochorissexuality, but I didn't really think of that possibility until now :p

If you like alternate universe explorations of sexuality, you may like my other stuff—although I often take advantage of the alternate universe part more to increase moral complexity than to create a "comfortable distance," so it may not always be the most relaxing thing in the world :p