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Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the predefined waves are a feature, I was inspired by R-Type in that: after a while you could do it blindfolded... until you screw up and need to start to dodge bullets like hell!

Another thing I noticed is that, in one of the last tweaks, the enemy bullet lifespan is too short they disappear way before reaching the edge of the screen and so the safe area is much greater than intended. I didn't tought of the angles, in fact those are too safe.

In the end all the waves needs to be redesigned: way less bullets, more tricky situations.

Cool, just with the completely top-down view is really hard to judge the height of the jump just based on the shadows. Probably just add a bit of perspective to the camera would fix this

Controls are a bit awkard and it's a pain to start again after hit a wall, but besides that should be fun to play in two, even just to try to ram the other and gain seconds XD

Not bad! Would've loved to see a visual indication for the selected target, but besides that solid entry

Solid and fun! Would love to see an extended version

The collisions are a bit broken, a lot of times you are stuck floating in mid air inside the houses. Sadly I gave up after talking with the guy asking about the costume :(

If you can upload a fixed version I would like to try it!

Cool idea! I found the controls are a bit too sensitive and probably the objects are a little too big for a viewport/canvas so small, but still cool