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GDLJam submission
Submitted by Tanikaze (@carve_chris) — 18 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline

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Talking points of your game?
A bit tired to write now but here it is!

Color Wars! A simple top-down arena shooter in wich you control two entities: at any given time only one can move or shoot. Control both of them and choose carefully when to switch them.

The difficult curve is... strage. I would really like to have feedbacks for it because I hadn't time to playtest it enough.

Time spent working on your game?
Full week

What assets did you use?
Unity UI, plus a couple of custom assets with the same style

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I like the concept! Check my entry, it is somehow a bit similar with yours ;)

I was impressed that you took time to do a nice "tutorial" screen. I felt it could be a perfect game with a bit more time / polish: remove the debug display, better ui assets, randomness in the waves.


For me the game was easiest, when I did put both cubes in one corner, which defies the purpose of having two cubes in the first place (:

Oftentimes enemies cannot even hit you, when sitting in a corner, because they cant shoot that way (e.g. 1st & 2nd wave: blue cube in the first corner counterclockwise, red cube in the second corner clockwise (starting counting at top)  = win)

Another thing problem to difficulty might be, that waves are totally predefined. Allowing enemies to be of random color might align difficulty more, because then you could not plan ahead.

Unless planning ahead is intended, that is. In that case the difficulty alignment might be better, when adding more waves in strategic positions to force players to move their well placed cubes.

I'd would suggest the forcing of movement and the strategic approach, because it could solve both issues (cube "fortresses" & difficulty alignment). Also there are a lot of browser action games and emphasizing on the strategic aspect of might make this game really stand out.


Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the predefined waves are a feature, I was inspired by R-Type in that: after a while you could do it blindfolded... until you screw up and need to start to dodge bullets like hell!

Another thing I noticed is that, in one of the last tweaks, the enemy bullet lifespan is too short they disappear way before reaching the edge of the screen and so the safe area is much greater than intended. I didn't tought of the angles, in fact those are too safe.

In the end all the waves needs to be redesigned: way less bullets, more tricky situations.