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-Sun Tzu, probably

Yeah we're having some technical difficulties with exporting the game.

I'm not sure what else could i expand on this other than just  adding few more things to push  down

well if you're not gonna  provide  what you already made or what you're trying to change then how is anyone supposed to help you

I don't actually play MtG but I knew about  the card so i included it along with  some other different cards

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I indeed needed just to jump over a pit. 10/10

Thank you for the feedback. I'm currently working on proper version of this so hopefully it will see the light of day eventually.

I forgor how to snail.

Yeah I think it could make a neat full game, with different package types and with a dedicated gas station planet where you buy fuel.

It's a bug in export from Godot that i haven't been able to fix.  (and I wrote that at the game's  page)
The executable version should be working fine.

The current algorithm is that every move it has 1/5 chance of generating a box.
If i decide to make the game bigger and better, I'll definitely make it more balanced.

Epic game, but the interval should be randomized.

This is amazing idea. 
The execution is little confusing and without any animations it's hard to keep track of where any side goes after i turn, but other than that very good game.
With more polish this could be a full  puzzle game.

thank you brandon guy, very cool

I like the concept of this game and also how the typing, music, sound effects and everything together feel.

But the lack of wide amount of supported words makes this game very frustrating.

Amazing game!

Brilliant concept. Very polished execution.

The only thing that was a bit annoying was the controls. I think the game would highly benefit from being able to control everything other than the movement using only mouse. My idea is that:

  • Scrolling the wheel would cycle between shapes
  • Middle click would toggle camera mode
  • Pressing right click when not having a node selected would erase all lines
  • I am confident that these changes would make the game even more smooth and fun to play.

    truly epic.

    there should be bigger emphasis on the fact that you can use the food to stop animals where they are. I realized that after third lost game. Sometimes dog gets stuck in the second gate when trying to micro manage who goes where.

    T-posing walking animations are godlike

    ah yes, just 3 or 4 videos and it will be done

    me wehn :)

    Thank you for the feedback!
    Version 1.1 is planned. Some major bugs will be hopefully fixed and perhaps the beginning will be a bit more balanced.
    We'll see what we can do.

    yo that music is sick. where can i download the soundtrack

    Yes. We are planning to add a visual tutorial at one point, there just wasn't enough time during the actual jam

    wow the music is pog i wonder who made it

    Fell off a platform and now im falling forever :/


    There should be option to toggle music.

    I love this!!!

    This has so much potential, good job! i love this!

    Nice game! Simple, but effective

    How the frick does king crimson work????

    *shows them this game*

    ah. ok.

    Characters sometimes glitch through walls

    If you need music for your game let me know. I want to practice my skills.

    I would recommend making the text clickable so that everone can read it at their own speed.
    I love the music and idea.
    Good job.

    Yes we know about the music stopping mid way and no we're not gonna fix it :P it was stressful enough already.