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Thank you so much for the in depth review! I appreciate the time you put into it, and I definitely be taking your suggestions when I eventually go to rework the game. Cheers!

Jesus...thank you! It's been a day to say the least!

Just saw this, I would love to be a part. Here is the only game I currently charge for:

If you wanted to make a game using this W&A system, but wanted it to be more winnable, say closer to 50% odds, how many tokens do you think you would need to set as the amount to need to be removed. In an average game under the current rules, about how many tokens actually get removed?

I have two ideas, one that will be up in a day or two, and the other I am not sure if I will finish in time for the Jam, but will be getting made eventually regardless.

1. The Buried. You are a miner who survives a cave in. Only, you now find yourself in a strange system of tunnels that no human hand dug. Introducing a mechanic for darkness...basically you have a limited number of charges for your headlamp, and you choose when to use it (each charge is good for one card). If a card has the darkness modifier, you have to pull twice. There will be ways to add to your charges (one of the Aces for example).

2. The Forlorn Hope. There were military units called Forlorn Hopes. Basically they got double the pay (unless they were convicts being forced to join), but got sent on all the suicidal missions like being the first wave to attack the walls. Young officers would take the risk leading them however, because if you lived you were sure to move up the ranks. So you'll be playing a young officer trying to keep as many of your men alive as possible, and staying alive yourself, for the duration of the campaign.

So I posted on Twitter without thinking to come check here and see if someone had tried working up an alternative. Lots of neat ideas! 

My thought was "What if you rolled 5d6 (maybe 6d6?), and have to roll higher than the total number of 'blocks' you've 'pulled.'" If you don't, it tumbles.

I will give the traps a work over for sure! I also plan to in the future come up with a sheet or two of more potential traps to be used. Thanks so much!

Thanks! I will certainly give it a work over!

Thanks! Good observation, I will def give it a bit of a work over!

If you come up with any cool ideas for traps, feel free to post them up here!

Thanks! It was definitely written with DnD style role-players in mind, so hopefully it will. :)

Good point, and that's perfect! I'll change that, then get it all tidied up, and re-upload. Thanks so much for the input!

So what do you think about something like this, to make race more important:

1: Human: Regain 2 pts a day                     

2: Orc: Start with 12 adventure points.

3: Dwarf: Ignore 1st pt of damage/day                    

4: Gnome: Roll twice on the item list

5: Elf: first 1 pt spell each day is free                       

6: Choose

I love the mechanics of this game. So simple, but they build to something beautifully complex. What I aspire to in game design. Kudos!

I think those are very valid points! I'll take a look at it tonight and see about what I can tweak!

Please do! I haven't played Fiasco, but it's high on my list to try!