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Obrigado ! c:

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Known bugs:
- Camera falls down when rotating;
- Sometimes player will slowly move alone;
- Screen tutorials have wrong aspect;
- Controller won't work on web version;
- Sometimes items stored in chests will vanish.

Please let us know if you find anything else!

Oh yeah! I did implement that fix, but never got to upload it... Sorry about that

Hey thank you so much for the video! <3

Whaaaat how have I not played this before?

Very chill and yet challenging! I like how you designed the timing and different orbit speed, it seems random, but it's not!
Great job!

OMG thank you for this ahahahaha

Ty very much!

Ty for the feedback, that seems to what happens to most people, gonna update a fix on this and some other input related bugs soon c:

Ty very much! 20 is a very high socre, at least to me ahaha
I would be very happy to enter the contest, where can I find more about ir?

Ty for the feedback Wombart! c:
A game I've made in Construct2 for #LOWREZJAM 2018
Manage your anger as you sell donuts to jerk customers

Its a dumb little game, but I'm happy with it! Took me 7 hours total to make it (from code to music). 
Any feedback is very appreciated! Have fun c:

Awesome game! True to the other previous Legend of Xenia! I can't play it for too long tho, lowrez 3D makes me dizzy! Even tho the game is very pretty, congrats!

that's what capitalism does to you

nos ratings ahahahaha

Que música linda! Parabéns aos envolvidos c:

O que é essa categoria "amarelo"?

Thank you! It loves you too.

Thank you Evan! It loves you too!

Thank you very much! c:

Thank you! c:

Thank you for your feedback Graham! I will keep it in mind c:

Thanks Gator!

Thank you Ester! That's the point c:

Thank you very much Amzela!

Thank you Dorovich!

Thank you very much! Not going to update this in awhile, working on some new project, I will start a devlog soon!

Thank you Karpo!

Yo what a voice man! Just subscribed to your channel, great content!

Thank you very much!

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Hey thank you very much!
For the dialogue, check this thread on Scirra's forum.
Also I've uploaded this file as an example for you to use!

I haven't played Hunter yet, tho It seems more complex than my tiny atempt ahahaha.

I wont be updating any mechanics for a while, my plan is to learn game design by making more tiny games. Even so, 2 player support is a good idea, probably to come with a bigger map, more enemies, bosses and maybe even new abilities! My update priority for this project is to make an Android version.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

Yeah I agree, it was a concession to maintain the general aspect of screen/rooms! Anyway thank you for your feedback!