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Tarot Tales is super cool- I like flexible framework games like this a lot, and it would be such an easy one to pick up with some friends for a game night.

I came across this game among a few other tarot-based ones a while ago, and i think this one does an excellent job of leaving things open and interpretable, without leaving you with too little guidance, a hard balance to strike.

You can get the game right here!

My new GMless, tarot-based TTRPG for 1-5 (or more?) players released on Halloween. In okcryptid, you play as Investigators who have developed feelings for one of the powerful and mysterious Creatures of the world. Before you can get that date, you just need to find them, and discover what they're into.

It's currently an early release, which I'm using to help fund improvements and editing for a future version. My hope is to totally re-do the layout and add original art. If you buy this version, you'll have everything you need to play, and you'll get access to the later, upgraded release when it's done. I hope you'll check it out! If you do, I'd love to hear what you think, especially if you get a chance to play.

Thanks for reading!

Two days ago I published my game, Wizard Pals. It's as fun and inviting as it is chaotic and stupid (read as: Very). Check it out for PWYW here!

Wizard Pals uses a simple, easy to learn system based on everyone's favorite overlooked die, the d12, and highlights open ended and creative character creation and play. It's also full of random d12 tables for players and GMs alike, which makes it even faster and more perfect for one shots on short notice, or people who are new to tabletop games.

I hope you'll give it a shot!