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Taco El Gato Comics

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Wow, it looks very nice.

The art is so cute!

Very cute character sprites. 🙂

Nice art!👍

Shucks! Thank you for checking my game out! 😁

🙏😁 Thank you

BEST CASE SCENARIO! Thank you for believing in my dream!

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Hello everyone! 

I am here to make new friends and to ask for help,  ask questions,  and maybe even collaborate with others one day.

I am originally a illustrator and writer but I have been getting into developing visual novels. I am not a programmer but I am learning.

I've been working on one called The Good The Bad and the Bunny for over a year now with Tyranobuilder, the demo is here:

The demo is like 5% of the whole game and at this point now I am very close to finishing it. I just have two major problems:

1. I don't know how to promote it WELL ( I posts progress and updates on my social media every other day) Any suggestions?

2. The game was already too large as a demo, but the completed game is far more bigger. As a Tyranobuilder game, I'm having difficulty

with Butler and as a downloadable game it is too big for  I am not knowledgeable enough to understand what the problem is or how to find the solution. I have contacted about the large file size but I have not gotten any replies.

So that is why I am here to ask for any ideas or suggestions? 

Thank you if you read this! I appreciate it!

Shucks! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The demo is like 5% of the story and there are 2 other playable characters. It also goes into some mythology and if you like romance, it's got that too. :D

I am working on the next character's demo. 

You can follow the progress here:

Thank you again!

Thank you

The Good The Bad And The Bunny is a cartoony fairytale-like story, inspired by mythological and folk tales from around the world. The introduction is a free webcomic and continues as the game. 3 playable characters. 

Story summary:

The Good The Bad And The Bunny VN Demo

Bernabie the rabbit faithfully believes Prince Edwìn of Anémona, a kingdom of lucky rabbits, is a hero of a legendary myth that is said to one day bring peace to many lands. But the prince has gone through a troubling change in personality with the help of the royal wizard, Sebastian. Causing suffering to all the rabbits! Bernabie escapes and seeks out two rival leaders, believing that they could also be the other heroes from the legend-- Fearless Queen Beatrixe of the Jormungand Kin and warlord, Blackie Chan of the Glaring Clan.

HI there! 

I am having trouble uploading a Tyranobuilder game as browser zip folder onto butler...

butler is working fine, but when I enter my path , it says "invalid specs" and "missing channel"

This is how my path looks like:

butler push "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TyranoBuilder\export\GBBDEMO" taco-el-gato-comics/the-good-the-bad-and-the-bunny-vn-demo:win64

Am i doing something wrong?

I  am an artist and know nothing about coding! Help!

Also, if you've used Tyranobuilder in the past and have it here on, please send me the link, i'd love to see it! 

And also, if you have more helpful tips, I'd love to hear them!

Thank you... Namaste, gracias, xie xie!