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I always say that juicing it up early is better than later! Plus you get to test the juice and have more familiarity with it as you're adding stuff and it's easier to debug!

Thanks so much Jupi! Appreciate it!

Very funny game! The lines cracked me up :D

granny made a jump for freedom, huh? sorry for your loss :D better luck on your next kidnapping!

I've got your game open in another tab since yesterday, it looks great! I'm gonna get to playing it one of these days!!

thanks! it was super fun pushing those pixels :D

Fun game! It reminds me of some of my favorite puzzle games. I really liked the theming. Graphics and sound were also very solid and the juice was also on point!

thanks Case!! appreciate it you taking the time to play it!!

hey man! thanks for checking the game out! glad you liked it :D

Great humor!