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Thank you! If you check the TE comments you'll see someone else is also working now on a Javascript version for web pages, which features mouse support. Plus, we now have an almost complete set of scratched cards, so now have the data of where symbols were positioned. At some point I will update this page to reflect all this.

Hello. I received your message, but sadly I do not have time - I am starting a new job soon. But thank you for asking me. :)

There was an old text based game I played years ago, in QBasic I think, where you bought and sold drugs - it was fun. A sort of text adventure take on capitalism. This reminds me of that game - which is great! :D The fruit theme also makes it a bit more safe for work! ^_^

Thank you for the feedback!

What was your high score?

Already played and voted, and commented on one.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Only 22 (twenty two) for your high-score though? That sounds... Not right. You should easily be getting a score over 100.  My highest is 253.

Perhaps adjust your speed - you should be able to manoeuvre around the white shots from the gonad cannon. If they shots are moving too fast for you to dodge, try reducing the game speed with the plus and minus buttons. :)

Nice - love the graphics. It's beautiful. Though I do miss sound. You can find royalty free music online quite easily, and most BASIC dialects allow some basic beep or speaker sounds.

Thank you! I used Google Translate to synthesise the voice. I typed English text into the German text box, and a German woman's voice attempted to phonetically read the English.

Thanks! The multiplier increases score. So if you collect one Fallopian Pod your score multiplier is x9. Meaning you get nine times the points you normally get. This decreases with time. So if you play quickly, and minimise the distance you travel, you will get a much higher score.

OK, i had some trouble adjusting the speed for different computers, so be sure to use the -/+ keys on the title screen to adjust the speed to your liking.

My entry is submitted, FRUIT OF THE WOMB.

Thank you! It's now about 80%. I just need to polish it up, add the audio, and I might even be able to hand it in tonight.

The rules say:

1. Illegal media resources are not allowed.  (Media resources mean sounds, sprites, music themes, etc.)

Does this include royalty free music? Kevin Mcleod has a lot of free music on his site, free for anyone to use, with credits. A lot of the old Xbox Indie games used his music.

My game is about 65% done and I need a music track, so I'd like to use one from his site, crediting him.

Is this allowed? He's quite happy for people to use his stuff. But I wasn't sure if the games we make HAVE to only include our own created materials. Because I suck at making music myself. :(

I have not actually written a line of code yet. I hope to do so soon. I basically know what the game is, just need to create the framework.

I've never done a jam. Looking forward to this. I'm going to be using QBasic via DOSBox, for the base game, and then QB64 to polish it up and add fun stuff like audio, music, etc. Oh, and to compile it for modern Windows.

Hi. No one has replied to your topic. I was planning to make my music by singing into my microphone and having my game load and loop an MP3. I'm not very good with sound production.

I normally do this last of all.

But, if I can get my game finished during the jam, you wanna chuck some audio in at the end? I'll probably just need sound files I can load and loop.

You can see the game as a WIP and decide what you want to do audio wise.

I'm just doing this for fun.

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant to say: "I hope this is useful".

I was in a hurry.

Thank you for the Game Jam invite!

I am quite tempted. If I have time I will try. So, I sign up, and then when the jam starts you select the themes, and I pick a theme? And then we have how long to program our game?

I have never been in a game jam, so I do kinda like the sound of this.

Good luck with your jam!

This is a good question! But maybe a little long to explain.


I use QB64 because my first language was QBasic which I taught myself at school. If you check my profile, you will find a blog link where I describe learning it.


I tried to learn other languages, including Dark Basic, but none were as easy as QBasic. And QB64 is basically QBasic but for modern systems.


I tried Game Maker, as a drag and drop system, but I couldn't even get a text box to show up. It was laborious, cumbersome, slow, and not intuitive.


QBasic and QB64 are very easy to get quick results. If you want to test an idea very quickly, you can just write a few lines and immediately see the result.


After about half an hour of trying to use Game Maker nothing was happening, and I got fed up.


I am not a professional game maker. I do this for fun. So I need to see immediate results to keep myself entertained.


I normally program in QBasic using DOSbox, then compile it using QB64, since QBasic for DOS is actually faster to see results than QB64.


Hope this is useless.


Basically: it's fast and easy, and I'm lazy and just doing this for fun.

Godspeed, BL. Godspeed!

I finished Oaxaca and Panama a while ago, but I like seeing these updates, because it feels like... Viewing a great piece of architecture that though finished, is renovated, extended, repainted, touched up, redecorated, and so on, through the seasons, so that it matures with the world surrounding it. Like viewing a protected Colonial building, which has had modern plumbing installed.

But I must ask... When will it truly be finished? Can it be finished? Do you even want it to be finished? Is there perhaps joys in using your brush to refresh the lines, so that the paint never dries, but appears permanently wet?

Is there a risk of tweaking too much?

This is the affect the game has had on me. Months later it continues to occupy my headspace.

Go Brian!

I bought this on XBLIG. Fantastic game. Feels very ZX Spectrum like, very British.