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Hi Jupiter!

You can try the crosswalk version (Download from itch).


Hey guys, Craig from Super Game Droid made a review of Super Coin Collector.

If you like you can read it here.

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Hello guys, just want to annouce the new update of Super Coin Collector.




-Zoom Camera

-Sprites of enemies by map

-Solve some bugs

This is the last update in beta, keep waiting for the final version.

Download SCC: Super Coin Collector

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Hello guys!

The person who made the music of the game has already put on sale the album, if you like his music you can buy it on bandcamp.

Bye bye.

Hello guys!

Today we want to share this video of the animations of the enemies.

In addition to this we would like to announce our patreon page.

If you come up with ideas to improve our patron, we would be grateful if you would tell us.

Having said all this I say goodbye.

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Hello guys we are alive! At this point in the game we are excited to finish it.

There have been several changes in super coin collector in several aspects, for example in the visual form and also adding difficulty selection. The difference between easy and normal is that easy has 2 hits and the normal 1 hit.

We improved the sliding effect of the snow map, this gave us problems with the character of the fireman because the fireman has a recoil when shooting but its solve. We also added google play services and changed the skin of all the characters. During development we had some problems with SuperPowers but nothing serious.

If you want you can test super coin collector here

Now i will show you how the game is going.

Having said all this I say goodbye.