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Thanks for playing! The rotating block definitely needs reworked. It’s possible to beat the rotation, but you have to shift your keyboard perspective to match new camera rotation. It was kind of a design fail on my part that needs tweaking. Maybe just slowing down the return.

thanks for the feedback!!!

Thanks for playing!!! It was a design decision on that last lock and not being able to move while walking even though I think it was a poor decision lol. Given more time I would try to come up with some more interesting puzzles and mechanics.

Thanks for playing! I watched your stream and saw you get stuck on the final puzzle (aptly named the final boss in Unity). The trick was with perspective and that you actually had to just hold right instead of up since the camera is rotated to beat the block from swatting you away. It worked as intended, but I would definitely work on the design of that puzzle more. Time got me in the end and I wanted to finish :)

thanks for playing!!!!!

Great pixel art and I love the old samurai movie aesthetic with the black, white, and red. Very satisfying when killing the enemies. Fantastic job and I look forward to more coming from you!

Like others have said, I think changing the enemies to track the head instead of feet will get rid of the frustrating parts. Other than that, great job!

I love the dialogue and the opening pixel art. It was very cute and funny. Great job!

Auto fire is a must for this. My hand is cramping after three tries to kill the boss! Very fun though and I love your aesthetic. Great jam game!

Verrrry creepy with such limited pixels. That animation near the bed (don't want to spoil anything) was very awesome. Good job!

Great game, especially for your first time by yourself! Super creative use of the theme and really unique game design!

Great game, especially for your first time by yourself! Super creative use of the theme and really unique game design!

Is that the Dilbert boss? The first time I heard the sound effect I lol'd. So cute!

The art and music was very nice. I did find a bug that let me place the same item on top of each other and would remove money . Neat concept!

Very unique art and I loved the catchy little waltz music. The ending was anti-climatic, but I still felt accomplished nonetheless.

Super creepy! I hated that you made me walk towards the creepy ghost. lol great job!

Thanks for playing! The puzzle is a classic lights out 3x3 where you have to turn off all the "lights" or in this case have all the levers down. When you pull one lever, it toggles the state of the surrounding ones

Love the pixel art, very cute! I think one of the biggest improvements could be to change the control scheme around. Maybe putting the punch button as Q,E,R,F so you don't have to shift hand when trying to move and punch. The multi-level aspect of being able to jump on the tables and the bar were smart and surprised me. A cool little bug (I call it strategy) is to hide under a table on the side and the enemies either stack on top of each other on the table or they are funneled so you can just stand there and spam X.

Great job on completing the game!

Lol, I'll send you the desktop version and you go to town!

Very cute pixel art and fun game. I love the music and the attention to detail within the house. Great job, y'all!

I love Kir---pink guy! This is adorable and I love that the balls bounce!

Thank you!!!!

Awesome graphics and intuitive/fun game play! I almost feel bad about these poor woodland creatures.