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I'm so glad you like it! It's one of my favorites too, as you can maybe tell <

this was incredibly cute and sweet ;_;

Beautiful. As someone with often painful ecxema in my dominant hand, I love this recontextualization.

omg Anna XD

Yay! Glad you like, I hope to update with the full game version soon so watch this space!


Hi! I was working on an entry for the jam but got absolutely swamped and was not able to get anything submitted on time. I have an entry up now, would you be willing to add it to the Jam submissions belatedly? I'd be delighted if so. Thanks for hosting such a fun design prompt!

Utterly gorgeous and touching!

Thank you! The first rain after summer heat always makes me happy

This was really touching and sweet. Thank you!

This is fun and really cute! I don't think I'm getting the gameplay though.  I'm just making a cacophany and nothing seems to match up, but at least it's a pleasing cacophany ^.^;

First try I made a soup! Second try I cured the pandemic! I'm so relieved

Oooh, what a wonderful synchronicity!

I'm glad you like the soundscape, I went through several public domain rain sounds to find one that was just right.

This was really sweet and vulnerable. I relate to a lot of it. Thank you so much for sharing!

I just played this to one of the endings, and its' so fun and charming! A Lupin fan after my own heart. And the artwork is gorgeous!

PS. No joke, I think Beckys Apple was the first Bitsy game I played

the only games I could think of that you missed are my games, but its an easy mistake, its hard to keep up with the cutting edge of things

I can't believe you managed to include all significant video games in one list, bravo

Are they also formatted for RPG Maker VX

YES! I love that poem and want the whole world to experience it.


Haha, yes! Tho I'm more of a Bebop gal myself ;)

I think the fact that villains are sexier has to do with how sexuality is itself vilified. Heroes, and particularly heroines, are supposed to be naive, innocent, pure. So especially in kids media it's only villains who are *permitted* to be sexy. Add to that the queer coding of villains going back decades, and you've got a perfect recipy for crushing on all the baddies.

That's a great comparison! I haven't thought about that game in awhile, but I'm proud to be in its graphical company.

thank you! I'm extremely proud of a single tile (the apex of the path where the two hills meet). I'm glad someone noticed :D

I'm so glad.  🌈💖

Thank you!

No problem! I'll edit the game descrip to make that clearer. I play so many Bitsy games that I'm used to it, but I forget that not everyone is.

Weird. I just tried it and it works for me. Clicking anywhere within the boundary of the embedded game window should "activate" the game, then  pressing any arrow key starts.

This was devastating and beautiful and yes, hopeful. I cried a little. Thank you so much for sharing it.

oh, please do! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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I love this game so much. It was one of the first Bitsys I played; I just revisited it and it's as clever and hilarious as ever. You're an inspiration to all of us with suspiciously Sapphic haircuts

I love this. "That is why for us snow is childhood"... I feel that in my bones.

Thank you so much! I'm a huge fan 😍

Mine too. Thank you!

haha apparently I say wow a lot 

wow, that's an amazing first game!

I have to admit, I related really deeply to the story as a metaphor for depression and general loneliness, and being told to be your own friend first is advice I have mixed feelings about. but I'm glad Space Bubble Cat found hope <3

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Oh wow, this was so sweet and beautiful (and sad). Deeply moving to read. I love the visuals and how you transition from panel to panel.