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It's pretty fun, but I managed to get stuck a few times and couldn't figure out how to pick up boxes that were under me. It would be neat if each character had a slightly different ability or something too!

It took a minute to understand each station, but once it clicked I had a rhythm to it. I wish there was something more obvious happening when your shields are low or when you are about to die as it feels like the game just ends unexpectedly.

I love those pixelated cats! I think having just a little momentum from the mouse velocity when you let the cats go would have added a lot to the feel of moving them around.

"Fun but also kinda complicated" is my brand, haha.

Perhaps I should have put all the text on one screen, haha. The controls are explained on the first one but the second screen was just meant for more tips/etc. The "tutorial" came in hot at the last minute. Lesson learned there!

Yeah, I throw you in the deep end probably a bit too quickly. Making the tutorial more than one room and slowly introducing the other loops would have been the way to go, but time constaints and all made that tricky to execute!

Thanks for playing long enough to complete at least one of the loops! I have definitely since thought of ways to help prevent you from interrupting the wrong loop, but of course that's too late for the jam. 

Thanks! I originally intended on starting with one and building up to four loops, but time constraints and all made that difficult to execute! I'm happy with the mechanic, but I agree that I throw you in the deep end pretty quickly after one room.

Yeah, I've since thought of some ways to help mitigate resetting the wrong time loop if I were to polish the game some more. I probably should have someone other than myself playtest it, ha! Thanks for playing!

Cool game! I'm getting some Enter the Gungeon vibes from this. I wish the dodge button had a much quicker cooldown and maybe didn't dodge you as far away. I never knew when the dodge was ready and never ended up using it effectively.

The interactions are a bit awkward to execute, but the idea is neat. I like that the music changes along with the robot rage mode. I think the raging farmer was better at the game than I was, haha.

I liked the RPG mechanics applied to a simple game like minesweeper. I'm not quite sure how this fits the theme, but I enjoyed the game regardless.

It's a great concept. It took me a bit to figure out why I would ever put points into reposition, but eventually realized that you are auto-healing. I wish there were even some simple sound effects. It would make the battles feel even more dynamic!

It's a cool idea. I'm not sure how to plan for some of the super heavy objects that appear, but I appreciate the chaos!

I really like the art! Diagonal movement would have been nice too.

Use your grabby arms! (Hold on Spacebar when approaching it)

Fixed! Sorry about that...


Sorry about the upload fail. I uploaded the .EXE instead of the .ZIP last night. Fixed!

A Brief Supremo Update!

Hey there!

I know we've been quiet since being approved for Steam Greenlight, but rest assured we are continuing to work hard on the Supremo Edition of Don't Spill Your Coffee! We've been designing and implementing tons of new mechanics, controls, levels, and more! Now that we have a good idea of the overall scope, story, and new features in the Supremo Edition (plus that we realistically can only work on the game over weekends), we've decided that our original goal of end of Summer was a bit ambitious. We are now aiming for an early 2017 release and we're going to try to post more frequently than we have been.

For now, here's a quick screenshot of one of the break rooms where you can acquire more coffee from a coffee machine if you've spilled too much:

Thanks again for the millionth time for your support!

/Team Meeting Games.

Yeah, go for it!

I love the live action!

We've been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response yet again! We're working hard on the Supremo Edition and will have some surprises to share over the next couple of months. Time for some celebratory coffee!

I think I know what is causing what you're seeing (it's the Caffeine Boost monitor being near zero) and I'll tie it into a set of other updates that I'm going to try to deploy over the weekend.

Okay, I will try to fix this tonight.

(1 edit)

I have just uploaded a new version. Can you download it and let me know if the turning controls work for you?


Okay, I have a suspicion that I can check out tonight. Last question, do you have a fast performing PC?

Also, does he move forward and back, and can you move his upper body/butt?

Hello! I can try to look into this tonight. Are you using an Xbox controller? Do you have a standard US keyboard or some other layout? Is there anything else "non-standard" with your PC setup? I'll see if I can reproduce it somehow.


May 15th: v0.2.3 Is Live!

First off, thank you all so much for the enthusiastic response to Don't Spill Your Coffee! This is miles beyond the attention we thought we would ever get and we have laughed at so many of the videos everybody is posting. We're now motivated to push out bigger and better releases! But first, some steps had to be taken to stabilize the code beyond Game Jam code quality. There's still a lot of foundational work to be done before more feature-rich updates get pushed out, but I've addressed some of the more jarring issues that I've seen in various videos:

  • The first time the first door sensor is activated, the game should no longer hang for a second or so.
  • The coffee stains should no longer clip through the ground (especially at the second camera angle).
  • Fixed a bug where the levels would repeatedly skip automatically when moving around the turnstile in the score screen.
  • Various performance optimizations and stabilization.

Thanks again!

/Jared, Jon and Mike.

Hello! Yeah, definitely make a Let's Play! We've been getting a kick out of how many people are making videos of our silly little game.