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fantastic!! I followed the updates of this one on twitter but i just had to get the full story for myself. the personality and weight (ha ha) these characters have is sooooo refreshing-- it's not just smut, this is ART!! The tenderness mixed with the hotness is too perfect. loyal gingerlybread stan right here.

obsessed with this,,, this kicked ass great job

this is so good, oh my gosh. i couldn't even tell this was procedurally generated.

wow!! I Loved this!! not a single word was wasted. fantastic work.

Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it-- writing characters that flux between alien and humans are the most fun and I am so happy to see that people like seeing it as much as I do.

I am grateful you get to make games as well. I will be sticking around no matter if your stuff in the future is fun or not : > Glad you are doing well!

Thank you for sharing this. I have been a fan of your works for awhile now, and this was deeply impactful in a way thats hard to articulate without sounding preachy or condescending. What I can sincerely say is that I'm happy I played it. This kind of pain is not easy to talk about, let alone live with. I genuinely hope you are in a better place now, and that the creation of this game has contributed to that.

You have no idea the joy i felt when he said "THE HELMET STAYS ON". Absolutely adorable comic!! I love your style!!

I hope they enjoy their game! Best of luck in finding your own orc. Aren't we all searching for a handsome orc to be a part of our lives...?

so glad that the orcfuckers are finding what I so lovingly crafted for them

thank you! i love them each too lol


Are you a fan of vampires? Of black and white comics? And also of sex?  For only 2 dollars and 50 cents, you could have a 50 PAGE comic (as well as a 46 page alternate ending comic) with all those topics to enjoy!

A dark and stormy night is the perfect time for a dashing vampire to make an appearance.  Unfortunately, vampires only exist within the fictional realms of stories, legend, and in this case, a video game. Luckily for Morgan, an avid vampire romantic, this storm with give them the opportunity to get closer with their favorite undead virtual love interest, Adria!

This is my first ever independently published comic, and I worked hard to make sure that this was content people would enjoy. Please support a young queer artist who makes comics about young queer people and buy (or share) my comic!

Click here or on the image below to be taken to the comic's page.

Virtual Vampire (18+)

My Fictional Vampire Waifu Likes Me Back?!

thank you!

Hi there! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. Yup, the color of the pixels you click corresponds to finding the next gal :>

"starved, fed, and eaten all at once." My god, what a line. This entire story is so beautifully drawn and beautifully told.

thank you! :>

literally have been meaning to read this for years now and I finally bought the dang thing and tbh couldnt be happier. this is precious in the most simple way. love these boys

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it I was scared I was getting a bit too purple prose with it- but the fact it was visceral means a lot :>

Thank you so much! I'm glad that it all came together nicely in the end- I was a little scatterbrained while putting it together, and there are still a couple of spelling errors left in there, so knowing that the story holds up well is high praise :>

delicious chewy ligaments like gummy worms >:)

lol thanks! It was fun to get weird with it

This was fabulous. The art was cool and I really like the writing! 

good GOSH i adore this art and story! these characters are so great!! loved it!

GOD this is adorable and fun, the collage aesthetic is so fabulous

hehehe this is cute! I loved it

ooo i really like this!

RIP trash cat

good stuff 👌

this was such a great comic. I'm not really one for TF-adjacent stuff but the soul that this had is fantastic. the artwork is just!! so nice!! and i love it!! i will absolutely be on the lookout for any more comics like these that you make

im so excited to read all of these!!

so good!! god this is exactly the content i love. soft, monster-girl focused, and incredibly booby. Great work with this one.

I created my first ever book on itch! I am so excited to share with you all First Mate, a labor of love I have spent many, many weeks on. It is a fantasy story about a tabaxi woman named Indiana, First Mate of The Serpent, who encounters a new member of the crew; Ulysses, an elven sex worker. What start as a tense standoff between the two vastly different women turns into a romance, and soon after that, a more intimate relationship.

This book is available for only one dollar! That's right-- for only a dollar, you can read a 19k word adult romance, 60 pages long, including 8 pages of original SFW and NSFW bonus art, entirely created by me!

The link to my first and newest creation can be found here.

I hope you enjoy, and share it with any other LGBT fantasy erotica enjoyers you know!

That's alright! I figured out how to fix it. While I've got you-- this game is for real, fantastically beautiful. there aren't enough games that are exactly my speed like this, just hanging out with adorable monsters and playing cards! The texture of everything, the characters, the gameplay, is just *chefs kiss* excellent job with this one!! I look forward to seeing what you have to make in the future!!

i got this game recently from the racial justice bundle and whenever I go to play a game of cards, the hand gets all crazily wonky and I can't click anything. Is there a fix for this?

I just loooove what I have seen so far!! The art is stellar, the concept is stellar, and the cryptids are just my vibe. I do just hope we get a female romanceable option. 

nice! I like it!

I played the demo and just loved it!! If I was able to get the full game I would bc I LOVE what I see