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Yes I admit I didn't polish well as I had my RL motherboard die mid jam. Kinda ironic given what the game is about lol. I lost 2 weeks of dev time rebuilding my pc and getting the files back so I dropped a lot out that I had planned on doing.

Anyway, my goal was a "fun", playable game with no blatant game breaking bugs this time! Now to try and make something better next time.  And yes there are different endings but they are similar enough to not matter too much! 

I like the idea of having guesses early!

I didn't make the sprites but I love the old retro look!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks Lochraleon! 

To be honest you can get everything just by clicking on everything. The plants, pictures, lamps, clocks and everything have a text comment attached and I'm pretty sure all of it can be done in like 12 minutes give or take reading time.

It's a fun pack to use for sure. I really want to find an artist that can add to it though. always find things I want to add :)

Yeah my computer died in the middle of the jam and I lost almost 2 weeks so I really cut down the game a lot.

Next time :)


Thanks I hope you had fun!

I wasn't able to install it but I watched the video someone posted and really like the art. 

I just saw that you submitted it 6 minutes before the deadline, what a squeeker.

Ok... Like what the crap? I was left on a cliffhanger??? A bloody cliffhanger!? Anyway it was a playable battle system that wasn't too hard to figure out. 

Pretty sure you need to balance this s**t out though... lol 

Pretty punny game!

Mine are long for the length of my game as well :P

Oh btw where did you get all the playground art? ie swing and merry go round and stuff.

I liked the opening scene... after that the credits took longer then the game lol. Could have had something here with all the art you have and the swingset animation is point on!

Glad the experience was good.

I was going to let the player know about the achievements but I thought I'd just leave it a secret :)

You scared me with this game too! lol 

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I must say that the reverse gravity was super annoying! But I ended up liking and finishing the game :) I liked the sound and level art and the fact that the game is on the short side (slightly) offset the frustrating nature of this old school platformer!

Since I don't play many platformers these days I got hit with some nostalgia. Keep up the good work!

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Very much looks like Tea made a picture of him purple 


I real epic in the making! Can't wait for the final version!

Well Great job Nova Kane! I only scored 7/20 but I'm pretty sure I'll play it again to try and get higher at least.

I was trying to think of criticism but I don't have much. Puzzles and secrets were pretty well balanced.

SPOILERS: Maybe make "hint" to save before the tailing scene so if players fail(like I did) they can easily retry:)

Crazy how the purpie looks like drifty ;)

I will buy it if/when it's released. LOVE all your stuff, keep it coming!

I had fun. It was unclear on what to do but fun to explore and beat stuff.  Still sad I Really, really had to stop playing :)

So fun! Much to short. Art style of the sprite and levels clash a bit. The baby pixel sprite would have went really well in a more pixel type tile set but like everyone is saying.... MORE!!! 

I am unable to download. Getting a -Cannot read property 'build' of undefined- error.

Wow! Such great work and Super appreciated!

Are the tiles sized for RPG maker MV 48x48?

Sweet, I'll look it up. Really enjoying the community!

Thank you for the notes. 2 of those bugs I discovered directly after uploading. I will try for another upload by next weekend. If I can figure out how to use's "butler" software I'll upload a patch so your saves will still work as well.

Thanks again for playing!

I fixed a ton of bugs.

Changed the fonts and added HUDs for hunger, exhaustion, HP and day-night. All of which work as intended now.

Reworked the entire crafting and harvesting system just to make it less grindy and more user friendly. 

Reworked the random numbers for most things. Less failure chance and more of the loot you actually need to progress.

Added journals that tell the story of previous island inhabitants and there are several endings based on the amount of secrets you discover on the island.