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I really loved the idea behind the first boss. The Passivity of the  gameplay was really well done and a favorite of mine. So tired of "traditional" combat in games or platformers. Yes, I realize this game had a traditional combat design, but it didn't force you to kill bosses with that.

يعطيك ألف عافية على التحفيز والله
وأتمنى استمتعت

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Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)
Watched the video and it was fun to see you laugh at my silly jokes xD
I will be making more games, so make sure to follow me here on itch :)

أهنيك يا عبود، إبداع والله واستمتعت


The racial bundle ends in like 6 days with around 1000 items to receive. If I buy it now, do I get any new items added to the bundle? 

Let's say I bought the bundle when there was 5 days left and the bundle had 1010 items, If somebody uploaded their game/item to the bundle when there are 2 days left, will I get the newly added items/games? Just want to know when is the best time to donate.

Hey, I just finished the whole game! it took around 30 minutes or so.

I may shoot a video for you to show you and upload it to yt

Hi, I have to say that I really enjoyed playing this game!!

everything seems to be like danganronpa which others have failed to do so, but you have succeded!

there were some bugs(if you save the game when the 3 choices are shown, when you reload the game, you can't choose any choice!) and some mistakes with spelling (I would like to point it out, but I really forgot what the misspelled word was, anyway it was at the first maybe 10 minutes of playing).

also, I don't know if it's because of me or you, but since English isn't my mother language, I quite didn't understand the story, not everything was clear.  So I don't know if the problem was with my English level (but with my recent English level I finished all danganronpas and understood everything), or with your type of writing.

you, also, did a great job of making 17 different characters, but I even still feel like most of the female characters have the same "attitude", unlike the male characters.

I kind of felt lost with the names of the characters, they should be like "Blaise Nerume" (so you could call Blaise with "Blaise" or with "Nerume", like in all danganronpas, for instanse, Nagito Komaeda )

Putting all of that aside, Thank you very much for recreating the same experience that I had with danganronpa series.

I have another question if you don't mind, let's say I have made a game with 2000 words.....and I want to test the last sentence in the game (I want to see it's colour) is there a way to start the game at the last sentence?? I don't want to go over everything again and again.

Nevermind, I just finished the puzzle :)

don't forget to answer my question about the engine :)

I rarely see games like zero escape.....but this game is even looking better than ze!! I hope the story is good.

what engine did you make this game with? btw great  main menu looking and options menu are insane!

also I played this game but I didn't even understand how should I solve the puzzle, can you give me a hint? I read your comment to someone asking the same thing and I still didn't get it.

Thanks for the information bro, my Email is :

I will try to learn and I will let you know when I finish making my game.

Thank you very much.

BTW, I finished your game and I really enjoyed it!!

I finished  5 endings I think.

one more thing, I haven't even make a single game in ren'py (because I don't even have an artist to draw characters, so I am learning illustrator and  photoshop) and I wanted to know if you can do this:

let's say we have character (a) and (b)

when (1) says anything, voice acting starts and also music starts 

when (2) says anything after (1) finishes, his voice acting starts and the previous music continues,

is that possible? sorry for my bad English.

I am from Yemen (Arabic Country), I live in Saudi Arabia, that means I can translate your game to Arabic if you want.

Hi, could you share the game's file in ren'py? I mean the files that you were coding and making the game etc...

I just want to know how you did some parts of the game.