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Hi, could you share the game's file in ren'py? I mean the files that you were coding and making the game etc...

I just want to know how you did some parts of the game.


Hi salehodinie,

since I'm not an expert at coding (this was my first game, and I'm still learning) I wouldn't recommend using my game as a reference, but what I can recommend is browsing the lemmasoft forums and in particular the cookbook (I took a lot of the coding from there):

Hope this helps :)

Thank you very much.

BTW, I finished your game and I really enjoyed it!!

I finished  5 endings I think.

one more thing, I haven't even make a single game in ren'py (because I don't even have an artist to draw characters, so I am learning illustrator and  photoshop) and I wanted to know if you can do this:

let's say we have character (a) and (b)

when (1) says anything, voice acting starts and also music starts 

when (2) says anything after (1) finishes, his voice acting starts and the previous music continues,

is that possible? sorry for my bad English.

I am from Yemen (Arabic Country), I live in Saudi Arabia, that means I can translate your game to Arabic if you want.

Thank you!

and yes, it's possible. In the game option.rpy write:  define config.has_voice = True

then in the game script you can code like this:

label start:

    stop music fadeout 0.9

    play music "music/music1.mp3"  ###if you put the audio file in a different folder inside the game folder, write the path, like -> "music_folder_name/music1.mp3"

    voice "voice1.mp3" ###same as above, if you have a different folder write the path -> "voice_folder_name/voice1.mp3"
    m "Hello!"
    p "(. . .)"
    voice "voice2.mp3"
    p "Who are you?"

   stop music fadeout 1


also, if you download this other game you will have a wonderful example on how to do it: the scripts are uncrypted, so you can learn a lot on the process by examine the game files (and the game itself is very, very good! One of my favorites)

If you don't have an artist, you can ask to collaborate with someone by writing here for a free project:

or if you want to do everything for yourself, you could always use pre-made, cc free assets (this link is just an example, but if you search "free assets renpy" you'll find a lot more):

Again, I encourage you to read the cookbook because it's a life changer (XD) and also the people on the forum are very helpful and nice, they always answer all of your doubts on coding and stuff.

I appreciate the offer for a translation, it's always so awesome to have my game in other languages :D but right now I am abroad and I don't have the project on my pc, so I can't generate a translation script for you. If you want you can leave me your email so that I can contact you when I come back, or email me at

I thank you again for playing my game, and I will gladly play yours when it's done! Don't give up! 

Have a wonderful day (and btw, your english is perfect )

Thanks for the information bro, my Email is :

I will try to learn and I will let you know when I finish making my game.

I have another question if you don't mind, let's say I have made a game with 2000 words.....and I want to test the last sentence in the game (I want to see it's colour) is there a way to start the game at the last sentence?? I don't want to go over everything again and again.