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Makes sense! Thank you for the detailed walkthrough, that was all very helpful :)

Hi! I've been having a fun time messing around in Decker, and am now attempting something more game-y.

Specifically, I'd like to know if these are possible to do:

  • When Button X is clicked, have Button Y on a different card disappear/become hidden
  • When Button Z is clicked, unlock new dialogue on a different card (with the Dialogizer module)
I'm assuming it would be something like, "on click do: Button X = true"—but I'm not sure exactly what terms to use, so I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

hi! thank you for the comment about the audio—i'll be sure to adjust that for the next release.

i loved the happy/ambiguous ending i got in your entry, it really added to that specific, bittersweet feeling of summer break :)

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thank you!

unfortunately i couldn't find any simple or reliable translation—so the cuneiform at the end is mostly decorative 👍🏻 it's up to your interpretation for what they're saying!


hi there—you can check out this post for adding audio!

I think it'd be fun to have the option to showcase all the jams you've hosted on your creator page, formatted like collections.

Simple visual to go along with the idea:

Thanks :) !

here's my late submission—thanks again!

Hi, thanks for hosting this jam (and for the extension)! Just informing you that I may finish a day late.

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some of it....but it was an easy class!

I probably should've made this clearer in the description—but you can click on the very last word (the noun, usually “blood”, haha) to change what the gf is into! And thanks for the comment :^)