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I'm looking into it

OK, got it. 

You mean the border of the puzzle, right?

That would be great!

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Do you want to restore ancient artifacts?

In 'Conservator' you can do just that, sit back, relax with your favorite music and put together an ancient artifact.

Of course this is just the first version to see how people respond, on the game page you will also find the goals - based on downloads - for the game. If enough interest is generated, I will add more artifacts, more setups and different processes.

More specifically at:
- 20 downloads I will add 1 more fresco and 1 more vase and texture the first one
- 50 downloads I will make them 3 of each, plus a new mini-game (cleaning)
- 100 downloads I will make 5 of each
- 200 downloads I will add the ability to put in your fresco to put together and clean

You can download the game on the page and help develop the game further:

Filling out level 1 with more stuff, making adjustments to enemies and paths.

It's like a construction site here. I'm hoping to be finished in the next 2-3 iterations. New things to expect in very next build? - beer

- potions

- NPCs

and more

In the meantime check out the new build and let me know your thoughts! Download

New build is up: 0.3.2 with a variety of small fixes

New build up. Less gravity and tree problems I hope

Just uploaded a new build

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Hey, nice work. There is a new version with a bunch more enemies. You should also check out the controls. I will add a controls tutorial, but it's too early for that, since things aren't fixed yet.

Thanks, check out the new version, with more enemies to kill and some neat little features.

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New build (0.2.5) and new Dev log#6. More enemies, more features and more settings.

For the Devlog click here!

What quality did you pick when launching the game and what system are you running it on?

Thanks. Here is the discord:

You will love the next one

Coming October 2019!


Thanks and glad you like it. The map isn't fully fleshed out yet. Once finished it will be filled with enemies and characters if possible. Puzzles as well. Will take a look at the site. Cheers

New video

New build with bigger map and many other changes and fixes

Things fixed that were in the video:
- landing
- pushing enemies
- stairs
- increased map size
- falling off the edge
- tree - I think...

- weapon swapping with mouse scroll or d-pad
- very brief explanation of what you are doing (collecting souls for Death, they got away)

Hi guys, this is a game I released a few months ago, I also uploaded it here to itch:

New cam/controls and fixes video:

New version with different controls and camera and a bunch of other tweaks and fixes

Fixed and more.

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Well the Hell knight really bugged out, checking it out asap

I just release an alpha version of my game 'Jack McLantern', here:

It is a 3rd person action adventure in which I am trying to capture the early PS1 era of platformers and collect-a-thon games

Recommended use of XBOX360 or XBONE controller, use '[' and ']' to decrease/increase sensitivity.
Please check it out and leave some feedback.