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i am glad the experience has been of comfort to people at this time, i read all of the comments even when i dont know what to say. solidarity with all of you, and all of us who are no longer here to tell our stories. a better world is possible if we demand it.

MUCH better, thank you so much!!

The phrasing is great, ty! The main problem is it's quite hard to actually see? It blends against the trees, like so: 

If it's possible to increase the opacity of the background on that part it might to do it? Either way, thank you for the change! It's appreciated and might help more folks pick this up :D

Heya! This is wonderful, I have a small accessibility request for the store page: can you please bold the entire sentence for "After purchase, please redeem your key on the "My Purchase" page - it is a link that lets you create a game account to log in to the game." 

Several friends have picked this up over the past week and missed this prompt, it blends in against the lovely image background for the page despite being right underneath the Buy Now button.

<3. I'm autistic and very tired, I'm glad to hear this.

Hey, I'm sorry that I missed this.

Solidarity with you, and I hope you are safe now.

The changes have helped a TON, thank you so much!!

This game is wonderful, genuinely one of the most creative and compelling ttrpg's I've ever seen. I'm so excited about it, and deeply appreciate how interwoven crafts are with the rest of the gameplay. I'm doing research so I can run a one-shot for friends, and I can't recommend picking this up enough - I found it in the Bundle For Palestine, but I'm going to be buying at least one extra copy when I have spare income, both to provide it to a friend and also just to support this incredible undertaking.

It's ludicrously cheap, and should not be missed out on. Some of the most inventive and exciting combat mechanics I've seen in ages, that are so vivid and striking in how they are portrayed and in what they do that I am easily able to picture the flow of combat as though it were a fighting game, or any of the action scenes in the more cinematic listed inspirations. 

Genuinely think that even in a beta state, this game is worth another $15 on the listed price. A 295 page book with gorgeous illustrations, crisp and readable layouts, and also diagrams - I very much appreciate those on a cognitive accessibility level!

The only feedback I have on that, is that it can be quite difficult to read pure white text on max black boxes, and that the description of Blast is a little confusing for me as written. 

I also have to applaud the way this game depicts violence. It's poetic and tragic and beautiful and recognizes the power that violence can have to be liberatory even as it is often devastating.

<3 Thank you. I'm behind on itch notifications, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I'm so glad to hear that, thank you for sharing! Wishing you comfort, safety, and relief from your stresses.

I thought I had replied to this, I'm so sorry! Thank you for leaving this comment, I checked your game out at the time and thought it was very good!!

I'm so glad to hear it was helpful for you! That's exactly why I designed it and included it in the bundle, and it means the world to know it achieved that purpose.

I'd honestly been repressing feelings about the fires and this made me get them all out. It was very potent and it punched me in the throat.
You did words good and they hurt and I cried x3

ah. this is what makes me cry finally.

Excellent short game. Potent, punchy, made me angry and then made me resolute.

Absolutely superb. The glowing text is a touch hard for me to read, but this is an incredible and viscerally impactful short game. Grim continues to knock it out of the park.

I did! And thank you, so much. 

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for playing, and for making the video! I really enjoyed the sound effects you added in, and hope you had a good time. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D I thought very hard about where to cut each path of Bulby's route off for this. 

This game is adorable, incredibly polished, and the dialogue and voice acting is superb. I love every character. I love Ader's adorable goofy self the most. What a joy. What a wonderful boy. I want to sit and have a conversation about farm tools with him. 

Thank you for sharing that, I'm really glad I was able to make something that helped a bit and hope you feel better soon!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. 

I'm so glad to hear you liked it!

A beautiful game. Excellent presentation. Superb soundtrack. Made me think a lot about about my place in the world and the place of humanity in the stars beyond that. Strongly recommend.

Lionkiller is one of the most thought-provoking games I have ever played. It is a game that accepts your choices while making it clear you must live with them. It's a game which spoke to my heart and made me feel seen and heard. It's a game which made me think about my own personal history. It's a game which made me think about England's history, which is an unpleasant but important thing to do when it comes to the country of my birth. 

Lionkiller is a very beautiful game. I left it more curious and mindful than when I started it. I can't recommend it enough. Some people might think this is a niche experience and turn away from it accordingly, but I can assure you that it's not. Play this game. It's really just super cool. 

This is a really cute and interesting game prototype. The fact this is in Twine blew me away, and I'm very excited to see how it develops in the future :) 

Thank you for that feedback! I'll mess with it a bit, because that's def. an accessibility concern I hadn't thought about. 

This was very good. The prose was enchanting, and I really enjoyed the way different rationalizations could effect identical choices. The characters were compelling, and I'll be thinking about this one for a while. 

Thank you! This was my first time playing with that effect, and I wanted to use it to adjust the rhythm of the story and demonstrate the internal conflict of the player character. 

Thank you very much! It came from a very personal place for me, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.