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I'm sorry, where can I find the file output_log.txt?

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1. Models and items not moving

Everything is not moving from their positions; the shark, other player, or items in the water. However, their models are: The shark is still 'swimming' but is frozen in place. The other player's model can be seen walking, but is also frozen in place. The only thing that seems to be moving normally are the plants and trees growing, smoke particles, the sea and the Sun and Moon. The game seems to be running smoothly around ~60 FPS. I am running the game on the highest settings.

2. Items disappearing from server after quitting

Items disappear after quitting and returning: Water cans being purified and fish being cooked disappear after resuming the server. Items in chests and the player's inventory disappear as well. Additionally, plants and trees disappear, whether they'd be growing or fully grown.

3. Items cannot be pulled back (might be related to 1st point)

When I try to pull back items in the sea, items that get caught in the hook start to 'spazz out' and won't be able to be pulled back. Additionally, the game thinks that the hook has caught something and at the it doesn't at the same time: I'm able to switch to other items in my hotbar. This causes my the items which are caught in the hook to disappear:

(Click on images for larger picture)

However, when I use my hook again, I'm unable to right click to retrieve it back because the game thinks that there is still items caught by it.

Additional information:

  • Edition: Windows 10 Pro
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @3.40GHz 3.80GHz
  • Installed RAM: 8.00GB
  • System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  • Version of Game: 1.05

Thank you for the effort you've put into making this mod. (:

Oh my bad! i'm new to this community and i can't find a way to navigate efficiently through the sea of bug reports. i saw your post and you explained the occurrence of the bug better than i did.

I switched the stacks around and yes it did solve the problem. However, it can be as you mentioned quite annoying. I tried this in Version 1.04 on my MacBook. I'm unable to use my windows computer at the moment but I assume it works too since it worked on yours (:

sorry guys, the developer (Dεмøη) said that he does not have the conditions to create the version for mac ):

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I apologise if this bug was already found

There's this bug where when you craft any item, it will consume extra unnecessary materials only if you have 2 slots or more of the required material needed to craft that item. Here's how the bug occurs: If Slot A is full (max. 10) and Slot B contains less than the amount required to craft the item, crafting the item will make the game ignore Slot B and instead subtract the required materials from Slot A, at the same time consuming Slot B.

Imagine this scenario: I want to craft a nail, which requires 3 scrap metal. I have 2 slots of scrap metal – one is full (slot A), the other contains only 1 (slot B), so total 11 scrap metal.

By crafting the nail, the game ignores the slot B, since it contains less than the required material, and at the same time consumes it, then subtracts the amount required from slot A. Thus I will have only 7 scrap metal left.

Another scenario: I wanna craft a spear which requires 4 scrap metal. I have 13 scrap metal in total so I will have 1 slot with a full stack of 10 and another slot containing 3.

By crafting the spear, since the slot containing 3 has less than the amount required (4), the game will ignore and consume it and then subtract the amount required from the full stack. Thus I will have only 6 scrap metal left.

I've tested this bug with the spear, hatchet, rope, empty tin can and the nail and it produced above result. I assume that this bug applies to all other items as well.

Edit1: version 1.05

Edit2: This bug was present in the previous version as well.


Where are the save files (.rgd) located in the computer? If they can be accessed, can they be copied and transferred onto other devices - such as from Windows to Mac - and continue playing from there?