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Sven Ahlgrimm

A member registered Aug 19, 2015 · View creator page →


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Thank you!

Hey there,

I made a local-multiplayer game with landscaping mechanics for 2-4 players.

The game has controller-support and is packed into a virtual console with diegetic interface.


Thanks for playing!

Thank you Arcade Badgers, I lowered the difficulty. I still think, that the main problem was, that most players thought, they have to move on the new spawned pixel, when there was still a high chance of finding the old ones. But the game was really to hard for a jam game and a game with focus on experience.

I fixed a bug, now everything should work out fine. Basically the game is just about staying on the moving something to keep the music alive. There is no real game over, because the player can always hope to find it by moving around in an endless space, because it only dies when he creates a new one. Thanks for your feedback guys, I wouldn't have found that bug without you!

I lowered the difficulty. The game was really to hard. I playtested a little bit too much on my own...

I wanted that understanding the game is part of the experience itself. Maybe the game got a little bit too hard, especially at the beginning. I only can recommend to not give up until you realised what the game is about. Thanks for your feedback!

At least it worked and you had some fun with it. Thank you for the video!

Thanks for playing! Did you play the 1.1 build of the game? Because it seems that the framerate caused a lot of problems with the physics and the sizes of the shields probably because you used the Fastest option in the Player Settings, which should have alredy been fixed with that update.

Thank you!


Thank you!

Thank you! Those words mean a lot to me!

Thank you! I'm currently missing the motivation to continue working on this game, but I will definitely keep that in mind.

Hope it works:


You can configure the controls in the unity player configuration input panel, which starts at the beginning, but the default controls are keyboard only.