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Count me in! :D

Will toy around with it when I have free time.  While the old one has its own charm, this one definitely feels more vibrant

You should definitely put this tool on Steam as well. And if you could get it work with Steam Workshop thingy, that would be a killer little app!

I agree. Would be tremendous if we are given the parts data. So we can stitch them together in our Godot game and have the player ability to change their looks on the fly as opposed to pre-generated sprites. 

Hi, any plans to include the accessories as well? Would be nice if my character has equipped an accessories, and have the portrait reflect the changes!


Will you be running sales at christmas? *wink *wink

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Can we have premade sample to see how it looks in our game before buying? Perhaps just the walking animation, just to get the feel.

Does this includes the png files of the each parts and we can expand it on our own? On other character creators that I stumbled upon, they only provides an executable that can generate it, resulting in the form of spritesheet, and gave no access to the parts files.


Bought the whole pack. I hope you keep updating it, I really love the style.

Does this include the background?

Hello, is there a plan to expand the supported platform beyond windows/linux/mac? For example Android, HTML5, or even Opera GX build


Is it possible to generate spritesheet just has the head/hair part  for example? (without bodies etc) So that I can draw it on top of the player as a hair preset they can pick.

Does the GameMaker sample project also included within that .zip file? Or is it just a flat image files provided.

Does this come as a single .exe file, or do I get to peek the parts/components images and possibly add my own parts to the mix?

The idea is I want to stitch them together manually in my GameMaker and give the player the option to customize

Bought the whole bundle, my suggestion for this pack would be additional premade for each profession NPC, I find one for each seems lacking ;) 

Question about 50% discount for Patron, how does it works, Is it in the form of coupon that has limited use. And the discount can only be used only when I'm currently a patron?

Tried it, very very cool. May I know what engine you are using? And why you decide to settle with that one? 


Like this asset pack for example Cozy People Asset Pack by shubibubi ( where you can mix and match then save it as a spreadsheet

Question, from the preview, the characters generated can have idle, walking, hurt, in 4 directions (nw, ne, sw, se). Does it also have attacking in 4 directions as well?

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Do you plan to create Character packs in the future? (Not packs with premade characters) Where you mix and match body, clothes, and hair to generate various characters 

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Just a thought, but wouldn't it better if you separate the tools from the base character animation itself? 

For example, instead of having Pickaxe animation taking out the whole spritesheet on its own, you take the Pickaxe item out to another 4x5 spritesheet, and the character only have that mining-like hand swinging animation. This way I could reuse that animation for other thing, for example using Hoe.

Same with Sword animation. You extract the sword item on its own 4 direction animation, and the base character only have that "swinging-like" hand animation. Of which, later on, I could reuse it if I have scythe item by putting it on a new layer.  

Because the motions of your hands when you are using pickaxe, hoe, axe, (or any tools that you swing it vertically) basically the same. Same with sword or scythe (or any tools that you swing it horizontally), since they should share the same slashing motion. 

This will make it easier if we want to have different colors for our tools since we dont need to touch any thing but the tool spritesheet itself

Hard to explain with text, I hope you get what I mean.

What direction is it available? Is it only left and right

Yeah that's what I'm planning to use, because it should be the same motion, but using different tool

How about Hoe animations? I think it's important animation for farming, next to watering 

What asset pack are you planning to release next? Will it be another "Cozy" themed compatible pack? I could use Cozy Cave/Dungeon tileset pack

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Is there a way to integrate the code (not the generated spritesheet) to run with Game Maker Studio 2?

Do you have plan to add bow attack animation as well?

Hello, does it have spritesheet for attacking?

How far away is the Modern Exteriors