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I just thought I'd check in on the game, and noticed there hasn't been any updates for a while. Hopefully just means you've went quiet for a while and that all is well, but also no worries if you've moved on to something else.

Either way, just thought I'd let you know that at least one person was looking forward to this! :)

I know this is an older post but just wanted to make sure this is still active as I've just 'found' this issue having moved our game to a paid for option...I have to set the $ price to match steam, and then EU customers get stung with an additional VAT charge.

Good luck with this. I once made a little 2d multiplayer 'singles' footy game, and often thought about coming back to it to try again in 3d...looks like you might be saving me the hard work of making it! :)

Loving the style of the players too. I've seen Gazza, I just hope Waddle is in there somewhere too, though you'll need to add 'mullet physics' to your to-do list! ;)

Hi.  Sorry for the delay getting back to you, been a bit hectic of late....the game is releaseing on steam in 2 days time - 29th March, about 5pm UTC!

Hi, thanks for the comment!

We are now actually very close to completing the full game, and aim to be releasing it before end of March. We'll update in here once we have a release date locked in.

Hi. I'm not sure when or how we will update the demo version, as we're focusing on the beta build now. However, we are still looking for a few more testers, so if you get in touch via twitter or email, I can get you access to the beta on steam. That has the extended play area and the new developments being added on.


could you check that you aren't getting a 'pop up blocked' notice, usually in the top right in the address bar of the web browser? If you are you need to allow pop-ups from If you can't see that, or as a simple alternative, you should be able to download from my web page direct.

Should do...are you having problems with it?


That's great news. Glad you got it working and glad you like it!

Hi. The SSL certificate for my site has now been updated, so the links should work again without any issues. If you're still having problems with the download relating to the pop-ups, then in the 'Install instructions' I've also added a link to my website where you can download direct.

Let me know if you're still having any problems, and apologies to you and anyone else that had issues trying to download the game over the weekend.

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Hi, there's two things going on here that may be the cause. Firstly, produces a pop up to start the download, you could have the download getting blocked by your web browser.

However I'm also having an issue with the security certificate on my website at the moment, which is also causing browsers to give an error when trying to connect to the site...I'm working on that now, and will update once that side should be working without issue.

Glad you got sorted - thanks Ether for stepping in with the tech support! ;)

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I'm still working on this, will add a video of some recent development stuff to the main article. There's 4 different vehicles now, each has it's own 'qualities', and I'm working on in game 'challenge' modes to mix up the standard time trialling in multiplayer. Also plan to add a couple more areas to drive around in, and then hopefully steam release early next year!

  1. thanks. For now I'm still working on this one, but appreciate the support! There's plenty of ideas to come once this is finished.

throw out/throw off....potato/rhubarb...basically the same! ;)

Thanks for the response. I thought it would count different versions, I just wouldn't have expected so many people to download both the windows and linux or mac versions. But really I was just checking that there wasn't a general reaction of 'yeah, the analytics are really unreliable', I'm happy if it's just a sign people are keen to try it out! :)


Just a quick question. The analytics for my game shows more downloads than views on the game page. This seems to happen every day. Whilst I'm not complaining if that many people are downloading the game, I'm just curious how the number of downloads is higher than the views. Are there ways to get to the download without viewing the page? Does it count multiple clicks, or different version downloads by the same person? Do robots and crawlers count as a download? The downloads are links to my own website...does that throw out the analytics?

Does anyone else get similar with their game? The numbers are still pretty small scale I suspect, so I hope this doesn't sound like bragging. It's the opposite in fact - as proud as I am of my game, it's hard to get my head around the concept of a better than 100% strike rate for downloads to views!

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Thought I'd add in the youtube trailer video, so you actually have an idea of what you'd be clicking on! :)

Thank you!


I've recently added the game I'm working on to, I'd be grateful if you'd check it out.

The game is still being developed, but you can get the latest version of the game for free. Online play for up to 10 players, drop in/out gameplay, fun top heavy handling. The game is also now on steam greenlight, so if you do like the look of it I'd be grateful for a vote.

There's more info on the page, so I won't waste much more of your time here. Hope you can check it out, and any comments and feedback are welcome.

Thank you.