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I swear to god i've seen this game 5 times under different titles.

Technically this is from Gamejolt, but eh.

My series of RPGmaker meme games based on an inside joke that went way out of hand is now here, I guess.

Don't look if you don't like swearing, crack, eggs, memes, trash, or skeletons.

Here it be:


Apologies if this request is kinda redundant, but could you add an option to turn down the volume of the  "jumpscare" sounds? I'm fine with them otherwise, its just that they often hurt my ears due to how loud they are(Head Teacher's angry voice and Viktor's jumpscare especially)

Okay, i've been at this riddle for about an hour now, and I haven't got a clue about it, would you mind giving another hint?

Not anymore because apparently, "i'm going to school" means "i'm going to take down the game" as well for...some reason?

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I know you probably aren't interested in taking suggestions, but here is an idea:

Phantom Animatronics: They either A.randomly show up on the cameras and force the player to change to another or pull it down, B.appear in either door blindspot, and if the player sees them in the light, quickly turn off the door light, or C.appear directly in the office, making the player have to pull up the camera to avoid them. 

If the player fails to do any of these, they will jumpscare the player and temporarily make the cameras unusable.

Nice non-existant video. Does that mean that Eggs for Bart Chapter 3 was cancelled for no reason? :)

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I'm encountering a weird bug, the game works for about a minute or so, but after that, it just closes? Is there something i'm doing wrong? Or is it an issue with the game? (I'm playing the game on Windows 10 and playing the 64bit version.)

I'm pretty sure Happy Party Enterance is a tease at the dev's next game, which is also called Happy Party, i'm assuming that interacting with the MACHINE in that area will bring you to the page for Happy Party in a future update.