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no the desktop app

i can say VPN without putting spaces

Theres a mac download link

Umm, you can get it on mac. theres a mac download link

Did you download the wrong version? Are you on 32bit or 64bit os? Which one did you click on?

It is supposed to be in a zip file. Then you extract the file, and run! app forces me to download unity project

I can't launch, just opens game files

hmm, try installing 7-zip and then try again

Run the file > More Info > Run anyways

Prob just extract the file then launch the file

Download 7-zip, then right click on the file and go to 7-zip and click extract to Karlson

or get 7-zip and just right click on the zip file and click extract to

are you extracting the file correctly? also you need to extract first before you play the game. hope this helps

Yes.. I know Windows 7 is out of support. But still, I use it. I am asking if it is avaliable for Windows 7. 

its on the play store im pretty sure

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He dosent support ios because its probably harder to do that so he does android i think Edit: There is a mac download link in here

probably false alarm from ur antivirus

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oof, hope it gets off soon, try performing a scan on ur antivirus or somethin. or if you dont got antivirus, i'd recommend getting some recommend ones like avast and stuff