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try it and see

copy files from the original game into fading memories folder

copy the files from the original game into fading memories folder

it's just not fun and impossible to beat (at least, for me)

the timer is too short, the player moves slowly, you don't know if you planted something or not as there isn't much indication, and again, it's just not fun

That's... not how it works.

You think porting a game to mobile is easy? Okay, port Portal 2 to android in 60 seconds. If it's as easy as changing a line of code, it can be done in 60 seconds.

Why are you still here? You've got a port to work on!

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anyways my pb for any% is 30.44

im gonna attempt to put the game on when my account is 7 days old there

it's a pretty cool idea but i feel like it's just not that fun, idk why

it's made very well, and sounds like it's a pretty good idea, but it just turns out not that fun.

well, it doesn't crash, it just freezes, but still

1. the game crashes when I die

2. the game just... isn't that enjoyable. it just feels like there's not that much content

of course it was rushed and everything, it's a game jam! come on, but I think you could put in a bit more effort than that

it's still very creative, and i like that. but it's just not that enjoyable.

cool idea! it's executed pretty well, very good mechanics, and sometimes can be a bit challenging. good job!

it good

for a game that wasn't finished it's... still fun

it's a very good idea that's executed very well

i like it!

best game

it's good

PLEASE STOP WITH THE 1's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like it and suck at it


it uses the concept of dice in an interesting way, but it still fits the theme

I like it

but I also suck at it


i like it but i also suck at it lol

 make Karlson be milk gang

Right Click > Extract 

Download it from the website

The bot would have to take up a player space to know whats going on.

Absolutely love the first version, but excited for the second.

is it like real or fake viruses on ur real machine or in the game

My character was frozen, i couldn't do anything.

I got to the (looking for players) part then my mouse randomly got locked in the game, i had to actually open task manager and end the process to get out of the game, is this normal?

no it isnt

you good running it on ur actual pc

unzip the file, run the game then if it asks you, click more info i think then click run anyways, then click next round and watch

no the desktop app

i can say VPN without putting spaces

Theres a mac download link

Umm, you can get it on mac. theres a mac download link

Did you download the wrong version? Are you on 32bit or 64bit os? Which one did you click on?

It is supposed to be in a zip file. Then you extract the file, and run!