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Great job!

Cool reimagining. I couldn't quite tell how much to lead the missiles, even after a few rounds. The controls were tight and responsive.

Everything was awesome except the controls. Great job! I would've played more if it felt like I could control my ship.

Straight forward fun. This brought back a lot of memories for sure.

Tight controls, I only died when it was my fault. Nice job!

I never played the Atari 2600 game but this was pretty fun. There's something to be said about simplistic controls. I really dig the graphical effects. It took a minute or two to get used to the controls, but after that, I was good to go.

Arg - sorry about that! I posted the 32-bit version about an hour ago.

Hah, thanks for giving it a play!

I watched it and realized how hard it was to convey what the actual glitch was supposed to be. My bad!

When the game is paused, you can jump on the enemies, but you can't collect the rubies. So the levels quickly ramp up in difficulty (sometimes forcing you to constantly jump & pause to get higher or lower, etc). Thanks for all you do for the indie gaming community!

PS - The last level spells out KENNEY, but it is unbeatable as far as I know.