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Great game, great execution!

I really liked the paper mario vibes from this game. I thought the character moved a bit too fast for my poor hand eye coordination but good game!

I beat this gem. I really liked the shaders used in the alternate dimension - really cool!

Nice - I was stressed out, but in a good way!

Clever game! I am just not coordinated enough for it :)

Cute game!

Nice job! I really dig the art, too!

Nice man! I'm embarrassed to say I totally ignore the Click Button prompt in the first level for a long time. I thought it was just reminding me how to move, not actually click the red button - LOL

This was  pretty tough. Great concept! I like that I could actually aim my shots!

I would've never thought of this idea - it's super clever. Great job!

I had a lot of fun with this game. Actually, the death screen shader was really sweet, too!

Man, I was getting Mario and Slime Rancher vibes from the monsters and shooting. I love the rear view cam, and the upgrade system!

Good execution, I dig the art!

What a clever idea! By the way, I am in the "quiet" group as well :) I was busy fixing bugs right up until deadline and completely missed adding sound and music to my game as well. Great game!

I loved the dialog between the dogs, and the old school shmup action. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible pilot. 

I really liked this game! The aesthetics were great and made me miss the PS1.

I actually feel good about how far I got in this game :) There are a lot of clever bits in here. 

Nice aesthetic - and had a story to go with it!


This was a neat idea and the lighting was really sweet.

This was great with my headphones pumped up!

I love the aesthetic! This reminds me of the package delivery driver lesson from the unity course - but taken to the extreme! 

This was a cute fun. I can tell the creator had fun with the levels. 

This was great - but I am terrible at it.

This is great! Something about this game just brings a smile to my face!