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Tarodev made a neat little unity autosave script (

Video here w/ explanation: 

Githuub here:
Not much help now, but maybe will save you later.

This is great advice!

Does anyone else fall into this endless loop? LOL

  1. Find a gamejam with a cool theme
  2. Think of big grand ideas that are impossible for my current skillset
  3. Settle on something smaller in scope
  4. Realize I can't do art or music
  5. Try to find the 'perfect' art/tileset/etc on Opengameart 
  6. Try to find the 'perfect' art/tileset/etc on Opengameart 
  7. Try to find the 'perfect' art/tileset/etc on Opengameart 
  8. Try to find the 'perfect' art/tileset/etc on Opengameart 
  9. ....
  10. Gamejam Ends

Hah, sorry to hear. The shot will hit the center of the green circle.

Thanks for playing!! Yeah, originally that Reload box was just a proof of concept, I mean to make a bar along the bottom LOL. Thanks for the feedback! 

Well, it worked very well! Good luck!

Ah, ok thanks!

It was hard to pick a favorite but I did it. Good luck to all! 

This one has the most arcadey experience of all the games I've played so far. Like Agent Amian said, it is kind of hard to tell where you are spatially with respect to the obstacles. I really liked the presentation and sounds, etc. 

simple but fun

not bad!

Ahh I missed these bomberman games! The game ran a bit choppy but that didn't stop me from clearing the levels!

I couldn't get this game to start. i think I was stuck in a dialog loop


clever concept. I dig the effects

I beat it but didn't do so hot on the leaderboards lol.

I really liked the camera and responsive controls. 

Great game and concept! I thought the music and sound effects were spot on too! 

Thanks for the comments! Yeah, my kids who playtested didn't like that they had to reload. You actually only have to click it once - it's a timed reload so it's set to take 1.75 seconds to allow the reload sound effect :) Nice job on the leadboard!

Thanks for giving it a try!

Woot! I think I got the high score!

6th on the leaderboard. Woot!

I'm awful at this game. 

I think the controls were my worst enemy - my brain couldn't handle it. Fun though!

Fun game! I was proud of my score but it didn't make the leaderboards :)

Really fun game! I didn't realize I could multi jump so I got terrible scores the first few times :)

Great game, great execution!

I really liked the paper mario vibes from this game. I thought the character moved a bit too fast for my poor hand eye coordination but good game!

I beat this gem. I really liked the shaders used in the alternate dimension - really cool!

Nice - I was stressed out, but in a good way!

Clever game! I am just not coordinated enough for it :)

Cute game!

Nice job! I really dig the art, too!

Nice man! I'm embarrassed to say I totally ignore the Click Button prompt in the first level for a long time. I thought it was just reminding me how to move, not actually click the red button - LOL