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This was  pretty tough. Great concept! I like that I could actually aim my shots!

I would've never thought of this idea - it's super clever. Great job!

I had a lot of fun with this game. Actually, the death screen shader was really sweet, too!

Man, I was getting Mario and Slime Rancher vibes from the monsters and shooting. I love the rear view cam, and the upgrade system!

Good execution, I dig the art!

What a clever idea! By the way, I am in the "quiet" group as well :) I was busy fixing bugs right up until deadline and completely missed adding sound and music to my game as well. Great game!

I loved the dialog between the dogs, and the old school shmup action. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible pilot. 

Ah, I totally didn't even notice those options before. I got it up and running. Thanks for the tip!

I really liked this game! The aesthetics were great and made me miss the PS1.

Thanks for the kind comments! When I uploaded the WebGL build - it's almost like it was super zoomed in - and all I could see when I started were giant menu buttons. I think I might have to tinker with the canvas scaler options in Unity perhaps - but I didn't know if doing that would violate any rules for  the jam. What would be nicer is if I could maybe make the game window size larger somehow. When I played other games, it seemed like everyone had a big play window whereas mine was so small. I'll figure all this out eventually! :)

I actually feel good about how far I got in this game :) There are a lot of clever bits in here. 

Nice aesthetic - and had a story to go with it!


This was a neat idea and the lighting was really sweet.

This was great with my headphones pumped up!

I love the aesthetic! This reminds me of the package delivery driver lesson from the unity course - but taken to the extreme! 

This was a cute fun. I can tell the creator had fun with the levels. 

This was great - but I am terrible at it.

This is great! Something about this game just brings a smile to my face!

Nice job!

Great job!

Cool reimagining. I couldn't quite tell how much to lead the missiles, even after a few rounds. The controls were tight and responsive.

Everything was awesome except the controls. Great job! I would've played more if it felt like I could control my ship.

Straight forward fun. This brought back a lot of memories for sure.

Tight controls, I only died when it was my fault. Nice job!

I never played the Atari 2600 game but this was pretty fun. There's something to be said about simplistic controls. I really dig the graphical effects. It took a minute or two to get used to the controls, but after that, I was good to go.

Arg - sorry about that! I posted the 32-bit version about an hour ago.

Hah, thanks for giving it a play!

I watched it and realized how hard it was to convey what the actual glitch was supposed to be. My bad!

When the game is paused, you can jump on the enemies, but you can't collect the rubies. So the levels quickly ramp up in difficulty (sometimes forcing you to constantly jump & pause to get higher or lower, etc). Thanks for all you do for the indie gaming community!

PS - The last level spells out KENNEY, but it is unbeatable as far as I know.