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A bit strange that you are introduced to aiming with E when doing so makes it hard to aim.

ALSO, remember that there are, in fact, players that still have 16:10 screens.

Your UI elements appear onscreen a bit for me and transitions only get the middle of the screen. It's bit rarer, but it's important to remember that players are using incredibly strange setups. (Side Note: I recommend ensuring that this isn't an issue on square screens as well)

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This is really well done. I love how it's designed. I also love how you went for Pico-8 aesthetic. Really neat!

Okay I legit saw the first part of the video. STRAIGHT UP, I WANTED A GAME LIKE THIS.

Hi Grossley, it's me. :P

I'm so glad it's in HTML format, I thought I was never going to be able to make sounds again!

Oof, well I lost the project files to this game so unfortunately I can’t export it to anything else.

Glad you like the art though :)


Huh, I was wondering if such a thing would exist. So when will 2.0 release?

Bruh, this looks sick. I'm bit scared to play it tho.

Oh, thank you! I’ll definitely look into that. Thanks for the feedback. :)

I actually have been looking into a lot the issues including timing and minor adjustments like input buffering.

 Thanks for trying the game though :D

That pink dude with a crown looks like TechnoBlade, lol.

Haven't played it yet, just wanted to say thanks for the Sprite Stacking tutorial I really need it. :)

Wait what!? Bruh!

This is a big brained move!

Make this into a full game please. The graphics are fantastic.

you’re actually the first person I’ve seen that actually liked the shield enemies XD

 But yeah, some people were mentioning how I could do simple movements at least which is probably what I should have done.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

The one thing I always tend to keep from game to game is that immediate restart. I don't like to point out the player's death as it gets repetitive and annoying (this even applies to my only rage game I've made "Green Boi"). Instead, to make the player feel like it wasn't actually as bad as it was I restart immediately to give them their next chance. Smooth, fast, and straight to the point. :)

*Sigh* I really, REALLY, tried to make moving enemies in the beginning but my lack of AI knowledge didn't help the fact that if I added movement it'd be either too easy or annoying to fight them. But, I at least tried to make moving enemies. The king was easier though since he has several anchor points to work with. :)

GameMaker can make some of the most polished games. This is one of them, though I feel like you can die a little too easily just because you couldn't see an enemy. :) 

You know what? You're totally right, I can't believe I didn't think of that!

I didn't beat the game, but I LOVE the concept. I feel like I need some sort of more explanation in order to understand how the symmetry works though.

me either, but it’s the greatest part about making sounds is normalization.

Not entirely a game, is really short, but dang do I love the aesthetic and want this to be a full on retro horror game of sorts!

Cool, but my ears hurt now :P

I'm just... Confused honestly.

The concept is great, but the controls feel iffy, why not have A/D still control rotation, it'd make memorizing what the controls do a lot easier. Another way to do it is to use the mouse for drilling.

The concept of the game is really well done, some things could be explained a tiny bit better and I think there is a bug somehow causing a pawn to become a king or something idk, but other than that it's good :)

xD I thought it was a funny was of making Slender: The Eight Pages. I never been able to pull off 3D in Game Maker, but GG dude! :D

It looks really nice, but SUPER stuttery making it incredibly difficult for me enjoy the entire experience. :)

I like the graphics, but the mouse was really sensitive and the gameplay can be completely skipped by going straight to the gem.

Hope you don't mind but I found the link to this game from ShaunJS. So I'm gonna give it try and give feedback. :)

it shouldn’t, it’s black magic to me though.

Dang! Already? That was fast

You can make any game, conveniently however, Major Jam is running alongside this jam.  They have their own thing so you can submit to both jams :)

Well, what you are describing is called meta-sprites, smaller sprites stitched together using code to make bigger sprites. They wouldn't score less in that instance due to it being rather difficult to pull off correctly :)

I hope you didn’t start working on this, but toots is odd exception, but I’ll allow the frame as long as it remains mostly outside the game itself. If people feel iffy about it just link to this. :)

I’m open for that, but if possible make the lines pixelated. If not possible then don’t worry about it.

Yup, that is correct!

yes, and any size of screen.

Yep, if you are ever stuck or need help. Hop by the discord and you’ll get some answers. :)