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Dang! Already? That was fast

You can make any game, conveniently however, Major Jam is running alongside this jam.  They have their own thing so you can submit to both jams :)

Well, what you are describing is called meta-sprites, smaller sprites stitched together using code to make bigger sprites. They wouldn't score less in that instance due to it being rather difficult to pull off correctly :)

I hope you didn’t start working on this, but toots is odd exception, but I’ll allow the frame as long as it remains mostly outside the game itself. If people feel iffy about it just link to this. :)

I’m open for that, but if possible make the lines pixelated. If not possible then don’t worry about it.

Yup, that is correct!

yes, and any size of screen.

Yep, if you are ever stuck or need help. Hop by the discord and you’ll get some answers. :)

from the fact that by definition meta sprites are bigger sprites stitched together, not really. 

well, if you made it into a meta sprite and created a script for it then that’s okay, but why do you need a frame?

essentially, make it so that your mom wouldn’t question your very being if she were to stumble upon you playing the game. So, about E10-T(Lower end).

If you need another definition, it needs to not have a chance at automatically demonetizing a video on review.


You can make anything you want as long as it follows the rules. If you need a theme, it’s encouraged that you consider either submitting to another game jam or get a theme generator. If you’re still stuck then come ask me for a theme on the Discord. :)

I consider particles to be multiple images or sprites being used. The radius of particles aren’t limited, but the sprites themselves are. However, if the engine you are using doesn’t allow you to have custom particles or the particles being used aren’t using sprites then go for it. Trying some of the entries in the previous jam should help give you idea of what people did in relation to particles (Inferna’s player is composed of almost entirely particles and uses particles quite a bit).

To be honest, that’s not a bad idea XD 

uh, if you mean drawing rectangle using code then that’s fine due to it technically not being a sprite. If it’s a sprite then you should consider looking into metasprites. :)

* Mind Breaking Noises*

*4 hours of thinking later*

If this ends up being a bigger deal then I’ll clarify some bits, but for the sake it I’ll say that as long as textures are 8x8 and follow the rules as close as possible, go for it. If there are niche areas that you’d want me to clarify I’m available on the 8x8 Game Jam Discord.


There is no theme. However, if you are stuck for ideas then I’d recommend finding a theme generator or even better, find another game jam to submit your game to. :)

My goodness, I've needed this. Thank you ever so much!

I made an entire game for a game jam you hosted, so I'm hoping you get this. It sounds a lot like the voices you are hearing might be linked to schizophrenia, but from looking at what I've heard, I'm going to be totally honest with you and say I believe you were being tormented by the ones below everything.

I know, I know. It sounds far fetched, but sometimes me and other family members have felt their presence and at one point a priest came and anointed our house and us. It's been a lot better, but it is still slightly terrifying to encounter them.

Though I've never experienced something so traumatizing, It's hard to get past some dark moments in life without help. I can't guarantee I can help you, or that anyone else here can, but I can guarantee it will turn out for the better. After all, we have all been on this planet for a reason, even him.

I hope you didn’t break it :P


Yay! You finished it!

Bleh!  My sentence was weird, I apologize for that. I meant what you said. Thanks! :)

I'm using Game Maker Studio 2, am I allowed to use more than one object but have to count both lines of each object up to 560?


Wow, nice! :D

Nice, works really well.

Thanks! :)

This is a really good game! You should make it so it's how far you go. This seems like a great time waste! :)

Nicely done!

This game was incredible as always! The game was perfectly executed and I think was well done. Perhaps it was just my PC, but the game seemed to freeze for a bit longer when hitting with items such as the sawed off. Either way, if anyone else ends up playing this, give this team a buck or two for their patreon, they totally deserve it! ;)

It's a good game, but the enemies should push you back when hitting you. Otherwise it kinda just seems, weird. I love how the menus work though.

Thanks for the feedback. There actually is invincibility frames but I they weren't long enough. And checkpoints sound like a doable idea to me.


Move- Arrow Keys

Jump- X

Shoot- Z

(I forgot to add controls :/)

As far as I am concerned, as long as the code itself isn’t somehow copyrighted you may recycle code.

As the host of the jam, this is correct. :)

Rather Impressive, haven't finished it yet, but truly great!

Again, Is it possible you could release this as an exe

Is it possible you could release this as an exe?

If you can’t or don’t want to release your source code, you may release your image assets instead.