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Hi there! I actually got some feedback about this a while back, but only with this comment did I notice that I never updated the screenshot example. 

A shadow was added to all the colour text to help with this readability. If you check that same screenshot I have updated it to what the game looks like now, it's hopefully clearer!

I made myself this little spreadsheet cheatsheet to and found the perfect spot to get the King. 😎

... and only then discovered I need to take every piece. 🥲

💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀 Q 💀
💀 💀 💀 💀 💀
💀 💀 💀 💀
B 💀 💀 R 💀 💀 💀 💀
💀 💀 💀 💀
💀 💀 P 💀
💀 💀 💀
💀 💀 💀 K

Loved this. Really fun use of implicit constraints that you learn to use as clues over the course of the puzzle.

Ahhh, yes I've hit that problem with other ones. Unfortunately the web builds are inconsistent, but downloaded versions should always work. I've added a note to the page to explain, thank you for highlighting it. And have a great day too!

Very cute art and a story with fun nuances and turns in a game that's quite concise!

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That's definitely doable! Instead of lines like

if affectation >= 100:
elif affectation == 75:
elif affectation == 25:

you could use any kind of true/false statements like

if happy == True:
elif annoyed == True:
elif angry == True:

A reason I used numbers was to have things scale the whole way along a meter. But you could leave out those in between points and just use a simpler set of true/false statements.

Also my username on the discord is SuperBiasedGary. Feel free to DM if you'd want me to take a look at your specific code!

This was a delightful ramble, I like how it ends up feeling like taking a walk with you, meandering through the different paths of the forest as your stream of consciosness thoughts drift from one thread to another.

I've only dipped into the first two bits but the spaces to explore were very enjoyable, especially winding back on themselves and re-orienting spaces differently. Looking forward to poking around more!

This was so great. I loved the editing of slipping through the vignettes, and the photo backgrounds had a great treatment on them.

Thank you! That meter gimmick was the initial seed of an idea that everything else spun out of.

Hey cecilia! Are you still looking to team up? I'm a solo dev with an idea for a small project (I write, program and do music). If you want I could explain the concept I have and you can see if you're interested.

My new 6k word visual novel com__et is out now!

Play through without the _____ subtext and then go back to see more of what you missed and find your ____ End.

The soundtrack and the onscreen text shift based on an affect__ion meter that only appears after you get the false end first. Making different choices can take you off the initial path to find something new.

Yeah very much a thing where I built upon it to make things easier on myself over time, getting as close as i could to playing it like a regular track. Glad it was interesting!

Handy timing for this jam someone has tweeted with some different custom things they've put together for the students' twine games.

Could be fun to play with for the jam!

I'm glad you enjoyed the video. :)
Thanks so much for making the game to begin with!

Incredible stuff. Love the dynamic of how the two primary characters diverge, but also overlap in subtle ways too. The slowly building tension is well paced. And the graphics sold the vibe incredibly well.

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This got under my skin very much (in the intended way). Also gotta respect a game that does a nod to Gregor Samsa lol

Very fun conversation, I enjoyed the different directions the ending can go. The game definitely fulfills the promise of the title.

Loved this as a counterpoint to Breathe! Similarly fun meandering narrative, but I like how you use this more boxed in space to tell a different story.

Loved your use of the interface for storytelling, and the gestures towards characters' backstories that never get fully explained.

Gorgeous art, and enjoyed the exploration of the central question between the two characters!

The writing, visuals and audio are so strong and evocative here. Packs a real punch in quite a short space of time.

A very sweet conversation and a nice exploration of a relationship dynamic.

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Really inventive way to use just the one sprite! 

Beautiful game, very simple but evocative prose. The sounds and visuals really sell the atmosphere the whole way through too.

Yesss, that's exactly the vibe I was thinking of. If I turn this concept into a bigger game, I'd be tempted to even add the kind of combat, hp and inventory tracking of those old books. I'd need to re-read some for inspiration...

Thank you!! The animations were a lot of fun, I made heavy use of a library called the Action Editor to figure them out. It actually makes it very easy to get complex animations to work. This video explains how it works if you're curious!

Hi there! I'll put forward my short visual novel It Started With Hairs to be considered:

"One scream shows you its contours.
Another shows you where it might hurt you."

Fantastic prose, loved how much you packed into this short conversation!

A different clarification but about one BG rule that says you cannot:

use an image which is created in such a way that focusing on segments effectively changes scenes

Which I think is about basically having multiple discrete BGs on one image. I had an idea for the BG basically being a map that the screen pans around. I believe that's in the spirit of this rule saying you can:

reveal previously obscured information or areas through pans, zooms and cuts

But just confirming! As a back up I could always just have a fixed view of the map that reveals more locations over time if that's more in the spirit anyway.

Thanks for the answer! I'll plan accordingly ✏️

About wordcount rules, I've thought of an idea and I'm not sure how to count the words in a way that best fits the spirit of the jam.

Basically, there will be dynamic parts of the story that get filled by prompts. Eg. Starting the game with "You are [NAME], a [TITLE] of the [ORGANISATION]"

The idea is I'd have a prewritten list of words to fill in mad libs style. The user can reroll to get different sets of results until they find one they like. Potentially, I might even allow the text to be user edited, so it could roll you this result "You are Lloyd, a Captain of the Alliance" and the player might like most of that, but edit "Alliance" to "Federation".

The closest approximation feels like the text of branching choices, where each option does contribute to word count. But for the sake of clarification I'm confirming.

The sentence "You are ____, a ______ of the ______" is 6 words before the 3 blanks are filled. A filled sentence would be 9 words. Let's say, I had 5 names, 5 titles, and 5 organisations, in that case I would technically have to count this as 6 + 15, so 21 words, right? (in practice I'd be re-using lists of words for an economy of word usage, but just using a simple example here)

So my gut tells me, I would want to count this as 21 words, not 9. But please correct me if it makes more sense to count it as 9!

As a follow up, I assume that any user entered text would not contribute to word count. eg. if someone wrote in The Divided Galactic States for Organisation, that presumably doesn't affect my actual word count since it's being added to the game not by myself.

Great game, fun to see the write up too and how you worked through the concept over time!

This was a hell of an experience, loved all the visual effects and tonal shifts. All my exploration and I still feel like I just barely scratched the surface.

Liked this a lot! Very spooky, and good banter between the two characters. The sound does a lot for the atmosphere too.

Great visuals and sound to really sell the horror. Short and sweet too.

Very cute art, particularly love the visual effects at the start! Sets a really strong initial tone. Fun banter with the characters too.

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Thank you so much! It's interesting to see the live reactions, and how things work for the reader.

Thank you so much! It's lovely to get a comment like this. <3

Thank you so much, this comment made my day! <3