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i gotta say that seems more then fair... but it seems a damn shame to keep this game hidden from the world after june! i guess i better sign up and consider myself lucky 

do you get all the old games too if you become a patron? 

& , will this game become available for $ later for non patrons to purchase? 


if this game isn't amazin looking then my name aint guybrush threepwood. and so inspirational as an aspiring dev (and, truth be told, aspiring clam). aspiring, inspiring, perspiring... this game has it all. well, if there's no perspiring, i want my money back. 

you have inspired me to make short games as a way to flesh out my ideas, rather than starting and abandoning huge projects

i'm a new member and this is my #1 request... i found someone with an awesome game, and left comments/review - however i found a typo and i dont really want to mention a typo in their public review. if i could DM them it would make the community better and allow for networking/collaboration/more conversational critique that might not feel at home on a public comments area.

they both did amazing jobs! i feel weird about my use of the word "precise" for the visual art, because compares to a lot of pixel art, it's more sketchy. but i meant precise in what it gets across to the player. all the necessary info is there and if no info is needed there's good abstraction. i also regret not praising the writing , i guess i didnt think to because it was so obviously good! great game 

i saw your post on reddit and could tell this was going to be a beautiful experience. everything is done well and you can see the three voices - writer/designer, visual artist, and composer. my only "complaint" (compliment) is that i would like to see more from the musician and artist. the close-up drawings are especially cool, but i wanted more drawings for the other characters and items. but in general i love the simple and precise art, and like how the girl floats around. the music is perfect, again i just wanted more songs. like during the intro there could be a different score.  i loved the unexpected "glitch in the matrix" vibe. and the unexpected poignancy. 

i have never played anything like this! it really got me. well played. headphone tip appreciated.