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i saw your post on reddit and could tell this was going to be a beautiful experience. everything is done well and you can see the three voices - writer/designer, visual artist, and composer. my only "complaint" (compliment) is that i would like to see more from the musician and artist. the close-up drawings are especially cool, but i wanted more drawings for the other characters and items. but in general i love the simple and precise art, and like how the girl floats around. the music is perfect, again i just wanted more songs. like during the intro there could be a different score.  i loved the unexpected "glitch in the matrix" vibe. and the unexpected poignancy. 

That means a lot! You made my day. I forwarded your comment to the artist/musician as well! More art and music would be great, I kinda sprung this project on them both at the last minute so I'm very glad with what they were able to produce. If I revisit the game more I'll try to add more details to everything (:

they both did amazing jobs! i feel weird about my use of the word "precise" for the visual art, because compares to a lot of pixel art, it's more sketchy. but i meant precise in what it gets across to the player. all the necessary info is there and if no info is needed there's good abstraction. i also regret not praising the writing , i guess i didnt think to because it was so obviously good! great game