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I mean for where they are, make it a little easier to find them, like a direction arrow

An onscreen indication for remaining planes or targets would be helpful


Awesome. I like the game, hope to see more updates

Tiny Football community · Created a new topic How to play

Would really help to have some instruction on the controls. Just some text on how the controls work somewhere

Cool game, nice look. Trees can become a problem with combat sometimes, hard to see

Playing on Android against my friend on IOS. They get notifications but I don't. Dope game though!

Same Error, Brave Browser

On screen prompts for controls are wrong

I think sleeping caused a bug, none of the numbers are moving anymore

Cool. I'll be following, looking forward to playing the final game

It all feels pretty good, responsive. Any plans to add camera control?

It's not really a card-based game, is it. It's a just seemingly random grid movement game that looks like cards. There's no deck-building. But it's a cool idea, i'd like to see more if it

Nice look, simple and fun and a the right amount of challenging

No problem

Will not launch

"There should be 'ggj18_04_Data'
folder next to the executable"

Had to relabel the folder to work

Thanks. Works no

It can't seem to install it. Also tried downloading the zip but get errors trying extract some the files

Solid game

Yeah, I just don't know how to protect my ship or heal it. I've tried a few times and have always died before figuring it out. I guess i just think it needs a little more detailing of what does what. Seems like a lot of trial and error right now

Thanks, that helps. I'm still kinda confused by it though. Like, I don't know what to build or how to manage all the ships when I do build them. I like playing it but I can't seem to keep my ship alive and I don't know what to do.

Need more instructions