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I think you can hold down Symbol Shift when selecting a game to load and the options will reappear.

How are you loading this? Hard reset your Next, then select the TAP form the browser and select N for Next mode. Tried this on both my KS1 and KS2 Nexts and it works fine. Perhaps re-download if you still have problems.

Thank you. And yes, please use the Next BASIC logo wherever you like,!

You're welcome.

That would be great. Except I don't know one single thing about machine code. And no, I'm not about to start learning it from scratch. I'm more a graphics and ideas person than a programmer.

.nex is for machine code. You can't save a BASIC program in .nex format.

You do know that .bas is literally the only available format for Next Basic games, right?

I would be interested to see if people prefer this 'digitised' style to the hand drawn art of my other adventures.

D'oh! I swear I changed that. I've fixed it and updated now, thanks for spotting it.

Because everything I write is in NextBASIC (aside from text adventures). 

This is out of necessity because I'm not primarily a coder.

Literally everyone with a Next can play .bas files.

In theory, yes. However I only want this as a Next exclusive release and have no plans to let an HTML version out into the wild (at the moment).

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it!

Sadly, it seems the Next emulators still have some way to go for full compatibility :(

If you just re-download the file, it will be the latest version.


Whoops, I guess I overlooked that! Never mind, this project was made to help people learn to develop with Adventuron so it serves its purpose.

To open the archway you need to SGNIVRAC EHT HTIW KCOR EHT DNIF

Have you SIRD NO MOOR TIRIPS EHT TSAP TOG? (reverse this text to read)

I won't be adding in-game hints, but once the game has been out a bit longer, I will be putting hints up on my website.

Message me on FB or Twitter and I'll tell you (I want to avoid openly posting solutions if I can).

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Everything you need is in those two rooms. Have you looked outside? (also, examine EVERYTHING)

Never say forever, but I've no plans at the present. I'm moving on to new projects.

There are no plans for a physical copy.

No, this is a Next exclusive.

To be honest, I've never really worked out Next emulation myself. All my BASIC stuff is done on hardware and the adventures are made in Adventuron and converted.

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It should work fine with either ZEsarUX or CSpect. Thanks for the purchase!

Thanks for your comments. Grelox IS a female protagonist!

More preorder slots are now available

More preorder slots are now available

I think it's down to how many boxes and cards they have currently allocated. Once they order more, it will become available for pre-order again.

That's just allocated stock, I'm sure Bitmap Soft will be ordering more cards and cases and updating soon. Don't worry!

Great fun, very frantic and really keeps you on your toes! Played with a joypad as that makes sliding round those corners a bit easier.

OK let's go through a checklist:
- Firstly, please make sure you do a machine reset before loading the game.

- Secondly, make sure you are running the latest distro from and not the one that comes with the stock Next.

- Thirdly, if this still happens, can you list line 40 and let me know the first command. There is no reason is should report Nonsense in BASIC

- Finally, is your Next running anything to mod it, like an alternate boot screen or something like that?

(The driver not installed error is expected, you need to reset/reload and not RUN the program)

It can be run in a Spectrum Next emulator, yes.

Thanks. I'm hoping the Spectrum Next version is more forgiving due to the more limited parser, and I've added extra inputs to it for less verb guessing.

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Thanks for the feedback. I found the offending bit of code. It should be OK in the new update, it was just my fault for forgetting to put in a check.

You need access to the barrow, so you need to figure out what to do with the egg first.

You're jumping ahead a little. You can talk to the animals only after a certain point in the game.

Thank you. This is all good to know and will help when I plan future adventures.

With regards to the animals, they do hint at what they require (The stag hints at leadership and lineage, therefore the 'Pharaoh mask', the Owl speaks of silver discs 'silver coins' and the Scorpion speaks of coloured glass 'coloured gems'). These are the only 3 'treasures' in the game.