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More preorder slots are now available

More preorder slots are now available

I think it's down to how many boxes and cards they have currently allocated. Once they order more, it will become available for pre-order again.

That's just allocated stock, I'm sure Bitmap Soft will be ordering more cards and cases and updating soon. Don't worry!

Great fun, very frantic and really keeps you on your toes! Played with a joypad as that makes sliding round those corners a bit easier.

OK let's go through a checklist:
- Firstly, please make sure you do a machine reset before loading the game.

- Secondly, make sure you are running the latest distro from and not the one that comes with the stock Next.

- Thirdly, if this still happens, can you list line 40 and let me know the first command. There is no reason is should report Nonsense in BASIC

- Finally, is your Next running anything to mod it, like an alternate boot screen or something like that?

(The driver not installed error is expected, you need to reset/reload and not RUN the program)

It can be run in a Spectrum Next emulator, yes.

Thanks. I'm hoping the Spectrum Next version is more forgiving due to the more limited parser, and I've added extra inputs to it for less verb guessing.

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Thanks for the feedback. I found the offending bit of code. It should be OK in the new update, it was just my fault for forgetting to put in a check.

You need access to the barrow, so you need to figure out what to do with the egg first.

You're jumping ahead a little. You can talk to the animals only after a certain point in the game.

Thank you. This is all good to know and will help when I plan future adventures.

With regards to the animals, they do hint at what they require (The stag hints at leadership and lineage, therefore the 'Pharaoh mask', the Owl speaks of silver discs 'silver coins' and the Scorpion speaks of coloured glass 'coloured gems'). These are the only 3 'treasures' in the game.

Thanks for the feedback. The browser version is a lot more fussy than the Next version and I didn't fully account for that (all my playtesters were on the Next which is the intended destination). Aside from the verb issues, how did you feel about the length, structure and puzzles? This is really the first proper text adventure I've made and struggled to think up interesting puzzles for it!

It's a bit of a tightrope as I was making it compatible with DAAD for Spectrum Next...which does use two word (meaning some commands on the can work when they really shouldn't). I'm still learning what can and can't be done with it, this is my first try at using Adventuron.

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Thanks, I will mark these for a future update (I'm not sure yet how to change the get message in Adventuron)

Yes you're right - I will add additional verbs and update in the future. There are several ways of doing it (but not enough), try FILL WELL WITH FLUID.

Fill the cauldron with the rainbow fluid. Take a look at the mountain door, the shape on it is a hint to what the well is for.

These is a workaround, you can save as a snapshot and rename to .snx so I'll put that in my readme

Is there a way to disable the save feature as it doesn't work on a real NEXT?

Hooray! Everything *seems* to be working now. I'll get the testers on it and let you know if there are any more issues.

Did that, the Export to DAAD option is gone now O_o

Right, so far the graphics look like they are correct now.

However, after a compile on the Next, scenery does not appear in locations (it works on the browser beforehand).

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The beta is throwing up an 8-bit compatibility error now on any 'create' or 'destroy' event in the code

Do I need to do anything to allow SAVE to work? On a next it just answers with .> then an ERROR 4.

(I have Game Information at the top of the code filled in with UUID etc)

I'm sure I saw a way of hiding blocked exits in the exit list, but I can't seem to locate it. Any help?


Thanks, that seems to work

They are, the Next uses a palette of 256 from a total 512 available. I wonder if the converter was made from the old palette which was different before release.

I'm having minor having issues with DAAD Ready's convesion of images onto the Next. It seems to generate stray coloured pixels where there shouldn't be any, and also sometimes doesn't honour my palette choices, making some of the graphics look 'off'.

I'm guessing there's not much that can be done about this?

I have code to fill up an object which swaps one item for another, for example:

: match "fill bottle"  {
: if (is_at "kitchen") {
: if (is_carried "bottle") {
: print "You hold the bottle under the tap, filling it to the brim." ;   
: swap o1 = "bottle"  o2 = "full_bottle_1" ; 

This works fine in Adventuron, however when exported and played on the Next, it works, but after displaying the message, also says 'You cannot do that' (even though it already has).

Don't do it then :P
Seriously, the cheats were actually more of a debug mode for me while testing so yeah, that's not a surprise.

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Maybe I should post the cheat modes...

<EDIT> As the game has been out a while, I have posted cheats on my website. This will help bypass the early levels you have completed.

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It's easily completable within an hour, once you get familiar with the maps. I was originally going to have a save, but the game ended up not being long enough to require one, which is why I went for infinite tries. It does benefit from practice, and to some degree, mapping. With saves it would become trivially easy.

Is the discord server still there? Can we have a link please?

This is not the jam you're looking for.

Ah OK, it would be WATER and WATERFALL. I'll figure something out.


Note that it was working fine a couple of days ago and I haven't changed the code since then.

I'm getting 8-bit compatibility error on Line 1, which is basically just :

1 ######################################
2 #  Game Information                  #
3 ######################################

It says Noun collision detected


Just a few things I noticed:

In the documentation, part 2.20 reads "set of syste mresonse messages"

Also, there doesn't seem to be a clear link to the manual from the main website?

In the documentation for Tutorial A, section 24 reads Post-Mortum which should be Post-mortem.