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WARNING: This gave me nausea and it made me feel bad

I don't know what the "sh" comments are all about, but alot of the praises certainly seem like people trying to bait others

Also, what the hell is wrong with ppl

i like the idea of playing as a map

well the pictures sure look sick apart from the ps1/ff9/doom(or whatever it was)-style

definitely checking it out

seems cool. i always wanted to play around with ai, but i could either never wrap my head around it or it seemed inefficient

with this i can finally play around with ai without having any knowledge myself

and generating a 3d world also seems like a useful scenario

some of your other creations have nice art style too. i might check them out 1 day

was just as confused by the lack of english language on this page

only useful comment gets 26 downvotes

not going to stop here

give credit to the guy moving attention towards the issue before i even bother going further

so much for having courage to speak up and give an honest rating

is this really worth stopping to look at just the game for ? yes it is, because if i scroll up i see french and the only guy mentioning that gets downvote im outta here!

dont know if ppl have humour, but seeing olaf reminded me of this. lol

Good luck !

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Is scrying the visitor centre possible ?

Is it glitched ?

Or is it RNG/position based ?

Nvm i got it. It had to be done from the inside while standing in the right side of the building.