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was just as confused by the lack of english language on this page

only useful comment gets 26 downvotes

not going to stop here

give credit to the guy moving attention towards the issue before i even bother going further

so much for having courage to speak up and give an honest rating

is this really worth stopping to look at just the game for ? yes it is, because if i scroll up i see french and the only guy mentioning that gets downvote im outta here!

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Hi sunsaber. As pointed out before, the English version is not hard to find on our page, the Bundle for Ukraine or just by searching on itch website. As we understand the downvotes it just seemed kind of unfair to everyone to dismiss this pack for lack of looking at its English version. Anyway, we hope gxxjst and yourself eventually found our adventures but in the meantime, we just added this to the page so new comrades never get lost again.


Did this page need a direct link to its English version? Maybe. [fixed]

Do non-English speakers go around downvoting every game offering only an English version? 🤔