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this is really fun, we like it a lot! a few criticisms (which i imagine could be fixed for a postjam version) though:

  • having no fullscreen or screen resize is annoying
  • the lack of a save mechanic is particularly frustrating
  • the ability to go back a level had us accidentally having to redo puzzles multiple times
  • the little knockback you get from a failed grapple can sometimes allow you to phase through a wall (if you then go towards the wall immediately after being knocked back right against it)

aside from that, good stuff!

aaa this is so sweet

we got really emotional reading this <3

had a lot of out of bounds troubles in the second to last level, along with weird issues where we'd glitch off to the edge of the room and be unable to pick up the gun the person we just shot had dropped? aside from that, good work! very inventive

this is really great, but we'd love to have the ability to reorder items within a collection... maybe look into how Trello does its UX?

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backtracking makes it so you can't get the "final stretch" checkpoint again, this feels like a major oversight and makes the final bit very frustrating to play. the game shouldn't punish you for exploring like that!!

(the worst part is having to ride the elevator again EVERY TIME)

i seem to have fallen down the right side of the elevator shaft by crouching in the elevator?

absolutely cannot recommend this enough.

full of lovely fluffy heartfelt queer softness, as is Valerie's specialty <3

agreed!!! this would be very good

fwiw i'm working on my own fantasy console that's uh, very different

this is very cute. guessing the game will have music eventually? ^^;


Played this game in this video (about 11 minutes in)! Kept crashing though :(