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Wow, you really just read my stuff and (somehow) decided I was angry, huh? Actually, don't think you even read it with how you replied. And here I thought we could have a rather decent discussion even if it started somewhat rocky. Deciding to do research, all for nothing. :/

Again, and for the last time because I'm probably just going to ignore you after this (and you should do the same if you hate dealing with me this much, I'd understand), but I have no problem with respecting others and I am not angry. But you are asking me to ignore the word's definition for the sake of feelings and I do not wish to do that. Simple as. You can't just tell me to respect others when you really aren't doing the same just because I share a different opinion than you. Well, you could, but the likelihood of me properly listening to you severely decreases, as it would with any other person. "Touch grass?" Pretty sure taking the time to look at the dictionary definition and potential meanings of the word instead of shutting out everything of the sort after arriving to my own definition would constitute getting in touch with reality. I decided to listen and change my interpretation, 

Please don't ask me to respect people when you can barely even respect me. Just over a word definition, at that.

(And just in case, not to insult you or anything as I can have problems with it too, I'd like to bet that your inner voice is making this out to be worse than it actually is. Refresh yourself and re-read, softly spoken (and hopefully without attitude, if you can't, it is what it is. Ciao!)

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But they aren't true derogatory terms, I thought I clarified that. Intersex is a spectrum of varying ordinances. It can include hermaphrodites, but it isn't the only part of it. Hermaphrodites specifically have both functional male and female privates. And I'm not the one offended by reality, I think it's stupid to be insulted by a word that's almost entirely used for fictional purposes nowadays, otherwise to denote special circumstances of a person, which is an extremely rare case in the first place.

Look, I'll even post some facts for you:

Now, after further research. I've also noted evidence that it has been used as a derogatory term:

Hermaphrodite is a derogatory and outdated term for an intersex person, who is someone born with variations in their sex characteristicsThe term implies that a person is both fully male and fully female, which is a physiological impossibilityThe term is also stigmatizing and misleading, and should be avoided except in a medical contextSome intersex people may reclaim the word, but it does not apply to transgender people unless they are also intersex.

But in this case, it's not referring to intersex people, rather an actual hermaphrodite. It's specifically noting one situation and, especially here in erotica or +18 content, referring only to this phenomenon of gender.  I'd actually put it in the same barrel as "gay" or "queer": terms that have been used as insults but also have actual non-insulting references to situations (though that's mostly just an opinion). So perhaps I should readjust my stance a bit: You are partially incorrect. If used correctly, it isn't derogatory.

(And to readjust your argument, for the sake of a future reply, the term (used in a nonfictional setting, (and in some cases including)) wouldn't be only referring to women. So instead, you should say "people" instead of just trans women. And I hope you aren't upset, I really just don't view it as a derogatory term since I've only seen it (at least in media) used in this specific application of gender.)

That's absolutely incorrect. Herms/Futas or "Hermaphrodites" are feminine bodied people who typically have both sets of genetalia. To a much broader extent, it just means any person that has both parts. Futanari is just the Japanese colloquial. This is different from being trans, and if it's being used as an "insult," it's more likely that the offender doesn't at all understand the difference. It's not derogatory, it's simply a descriptor.

   It's quite annoying when it's framed like that. Same for "femboy", which are men that simply like to dress or appear as women. Literally just short for "feminine boys." They (commonly in media) aren't actually trying to be women and therefore aren't trans, and yet they are seen as such. People latched onto the word, "claimed it," and then saw it as offensive, which is so egregiously disappointing.

Honestly this digital world just seeks anger, nowadays. Ridiculous.

Yes, excellent! And quick, too! "No more content, die" is a classic but a goodie!

Tell me if you want any more feedback, though the most I can certainly do is proofreading of dialogue (anything else would be fresh ground). Cheers and good luck!

Not bad! Assuming that the fight's not done and it'll just hold you in an attack box indefinitely at some point, it has a reasonable difficulty level and looks pretty good!

Now a few personal hiccups: Checking Sans' stats, if this is post-attacks and his brother's the last one before the ruins, then Sans should have more than 1 ATK and DEF. I don't know the story here, however, so I wouldn't know where this fight is in your timeline. Papy could be the first victim, for all I know. Again, just a personal hiccup since I don't know the juicy lore~!

Secondly, not too much a fan of random-fire blasters. Can't learn anything if it's just gonna be entirely up to chance, y'know? It's not like those attacks were difficult however, so it'll probably be fine in the long run.

I'd include something blocking off the MERCY button! Probably nothing happening simply because of demo or your personal choice, but I think it'd just be a nice detail. No escape, no mercy.

And finally, just a temporary measure: something to tell us when the demo's over. Doesn't have to be anything big, just like an "END OF DEMO" or something in the final text box. Or you can have fun with it! Either way, just something to stop the future players from expecting more from the current build as it's somewhat dissatisfying for nothing to happen, y'know, y'know??

Regardless, good work! Looks like you're beginning to make something fun, so I hope you enjoy as much of the process as you can! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Being mad that someone isn't getting paid for their work, even if it's only (currently) 3$? Justifiable, understandable.

Being mad that someone won't allow you to access their work for free, even though they were kind enough to allow for just a little under the current half of the game to be played for free (and is STILL giving you another chapter)? Cope.

It's likely not even gonna stay on Patreon once they finish, storywriting just takes time; time needs money for necessities to keep making more story. The fact that they don't ask for much either is mercy enough for you to get your pebbles off, dawg. It's only 3 bucks, just pay it, download, and unsub. Or wait for the full release to get it at one full price. Either way, selfish and silly complaint, ya gooner lol


I'm no fanboy, I just think that complaining about paying someone for their work is cringe, especially if the price is low. 🤷‍♂️

I know what kind of person you are from reading your next posts, and I hate Patreon as well but that's simply what the writer chose to use. From the way you phrased your original sentence, it really sounded like (to me) that you were mad that the rest of the current amount of the project was behind a paywall.  Apologies if I was berating you harshly, but it's a pet peeve to see people complain about an artist getting paid. Every artist making good work deserves their kudos! So yeah, you just hit a critical spot for me, even if you didn't mean to. I mean I haven't paid for it either and I'd also rather wait for full release before paying. Would much rather one and done than paying until completion of the project, unless the project was under threat of cancellation to which I'd try to pitch in something at least if I liked it enough. And had money lol

So yeah, my bad for misunderstanding you, though it's not like I can fully gauge your thoughts over text. Hard not to be "tone deaf" if there's no tone, yaknow? Your reply to me was enough for me to go "ah, I see." (and for some reason I couldn't reply properly, so this is my workaround, I might've been blocked. Harsh, but fair and respect. Just disengage from any negativity. 🤷‍♂️)

Man, reading this while having an Aria Math cover going... Well, I don't know why, but it's really giving The Stanley Parable vibes. It's like I can hear the narrator, haha!
Get this man out of my head, please.

Back to the main topic (Long rant, apologies! And I know the running gag of not acknowledging whatever this is as... whatever, but I'm a prude and I will send my compliments to the chef), this is an excellent apolitical satirical commentary on the state of identity politics. If you able to read the (quite surface level) message, it is clear that struggling with self-presence and the reality of the world is a fruitless endeavor. Things will exist, as should you. Reality is a selfish being, who has its rules laid out and the dice already rolled, rolling, or getting ready to be rolled. Trying your best to "not offend" anyone will, more than likely, end up offending someone. That's just life; it's paradoxical and cunning. All actions have consequences, and it's rather childish to try to run away from all of it. Sometimes there're results that you had no part in but affect you regardless, but that's just a part of living.

Personally, I do try my best not to step on any toes. It's more of a hassle to deal with escalatory aggressive people, but at the same time I still have my own existence to worry about. I will have my own opinions and views upon the world. If someone doesn't like them, it's unfortunate, but I'd instead rather live in avoidance and mutual peace.  If someone tries to change my views, oh well I could listen at first, but in most online cases, it usually ends up being demeaning and self-serving, to which I would simply turn the other cheek... or fight them about it. Otherwise, if the person was kind about it, well it probably wouldn't change much, but it'd at least be a nice conversation. What can I say? I was raised to dissociate or retaliate if someone does me wrong, and as a person I still have my pride. I'm most always competitive with words or games, unfortunately. But that is me, and that is what I deal with.

Overall, I do hope everyone can find their place in the world and not have to shove others to do it or conform to their self-beliefs. And again, apologies for the length! I just enjoy typing.

Please, take your time! Great works take patience, and the wait makes it worth it!

Oh man, was I sad to find out that it's just a demo! I was SO entranced, haha! Well done, just found you and started with this one after coming from Relationships 101. I found out I have a pretty strong love for these types of things, so I can't wait to enjoy more of your stories! Keep up the great work!

It's a cartoon character so it doesn't really matter (cuz y'know, not real and all), but if it's important to you than simply envision the Fionna from the Fionna and Cake subseries where she's a working adult theoretically in her mid-20's to early 30's. She still adapts the same style as her otherworld counterpart a little later in the series, so it shouldn't be a problem.

If you do still have a problem with it, then imagine this is an adult actress dressed up as Fionna. Again, they aren't real, and you're welcome to input your own view on a fictional character as well as the creator's allowed to make it. But you shouldn't force your view onto others. You chose to be here. You can choose to leave.

TL;DR: Separate reality and fiction, please. It's better for you mentally in the long run.

(You also seem a bit too young to be here. Porn rots the brain, please be aware of its consequences and take responsibility for them when you're an adult. You're still growing, and it is dangerous if you're set solely on sexual pleasure before you gain a stable foothold in society. If you are under 18, you should not be here at all. And if you are 18: grow up, it's a drawing and you chose to be here.)

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(Sees shorty corgi girl)
(think she's cute and goes to talk to her; shortstack supremacy)
(friendliness noises)
(Get to chess, she's the only option since I've only gone through one "Small Talk"  action with everyone I could)
(Loses, accepts scripted defeat)
(Corgi thinks I'd betray her because I'm royalty... wait, what?)
(Lewie just found out today (or yesterday idk), why would I betray you...?)
(Turns me into a hot maid, me crestfallen that she thinks this poor bastard would do whatever to her)
(I just wanted to stand up for myself D:)

I just wanted to be friends, ma'am. (I went back and figured out a better route. She's still cute tho, 10/10 story)

Pah, I knew I recognized the artstyle! Loved Spunkstock, always played every update that came out on Newgrounds and did end up getting it on Steam. This is quite the lovely project, too! StarFox-like, right? Fantastic! It'll be difficult for a newb like me to Ace them all, but I'm sure I can get it!

The only nitpick I have is MC's lines on Catiya. In other places they have a good amount of expressiveness if they're going for a mildly stoic character, but there... felt exactly how I felt first hearing Chris Pratt on Mario; it just didn't feel right. They did better on the other planets so I'm probably just being a stickler, but a simple reroll of the lines would probably do the trick. The other VAs were pretty good though, especially the antagonists! 

Regardless, I can't wait to see how you guys do! I wish you luck!

Glad to see your return! I just happened by this since its recent appearance in the new & popular and I gotta say: way past fun. Didn't think a h-game would want to make me try-hard, but here we are! So, for all efforts provided, I wish you luck on creating a masterpiece you'll appreciate! May your efforts not go to waste and try to have fun!

Inside Temp King was a frustrating blast! I believe I died a total of 62 times in that stage alone. Started over the save too since I played on browser. Finally 100% it today! Once again, excellent work! I hope you plan on making more games!

Came here after watching the Dev's speedrun, I died at the... magical space dog god of death? Idk, it's been a bit since I've watched the animation, haha! It's really fun to explore and I admit I do like when a game pushes me to be better and better to survive and win. Going back in for round two! Great job creating this fun work of art, I bet Gooseworx is proud!

Ah, a shame! That's fine though, I'll still wish you luck with LD+!

Oh neato, didn't know you had another game here.

Quick question, how heavy is the meat parasite content in this one? Cuz if I'm being personal, that gave me the willies. Not enough to dislike what you do, but enough to be... idk how to describe it, not quite weirded out. Probably unsettled? Parasite stuff always made me slightly uncomfortable, but I live with it so I can enjoy stories like this!

I'll give it a go in a few days, but if it's anything like LD+, I'm sure it'll be fun.

Had a friend recommend this to me about a month ago and I gotta admit that I enjoyed the story extremely. I'm looking forward to what comes next, haven't played 0.6 yet, I believe, and I wish you luck on writing the story you wish to create!

Now this? This is great. I enjoyed what I played a lot, and I like where it's going! All the ladies are interesting concepts and - I don't know if I'm alone in this concept - I always enjoy a gentlemanly PC. I like being nice, so it definitely helps getting into the setting mentally. And not exactly gungho at admitting it, but its not all the time you'll get impreg content and I do enjoy it plenty. I'm looking forward to it! Definitely put it in my collection and do plan to support your project someday. Take your time and make a great story! Good luck!

Okay, I'm gonna be half reviewing rn, but mainly fangasming: I genuinely just had a good time with the game! Like half-hornE, half "I actually like reading these kinds of things" lonely-adult style, but all the characters (including the side characters) are super fun to interact with. And seriously, I love the side characters! Always been a fan of shorties, big plus in the personality department for Blaze. Firecrackers are hot. The others don't slack either, but Blaze is just my fave. 

Man, you couldn't imagine my disappointment when I realized I got to the end of the current storylines (free release), Widow's story is just so sad, kinda hurt to see it stop where it did! But that just means it was entertaining enough for me to feel it! Mei was fun, always a big fan of her, and I definitely enjoyed the other character storylines as much as the two I mentioned. Kinda wish Tracer had more content, tho. The lass feels too much like a side piece and pretty much stays out of the other stories past her beginning. O'course I wouldn't expect anything serious relationship wise, unless that's a hidden part in her personality, but it definitely feels... like a tutorial character? Not exactly that, but around that subject, y'know? (Don't wanna say "easy" tho, that'd be rude.) But maybe there's more behind the paywall and my broke ass doesn't deserve it just yet, haha!

Totally will buy this once I get some money flowing in the pockets. Great job and keep up the good work!