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I'm on an Android how can I download this game ?

Will there be an android version ? 

(つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

I need help, i want to transfer my actual account to another phone is there a way? And if not can will be a way? :>

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

Will there be an android version?

Plz help :'/ I've done the rob but when i try to talk to minervus it says i didn't do it 

Thanld! I love your work and art! 

Orveia community · Created a new topic Free version

Can we have a free version plz? 👉👈

Can wr have android Version?

Yes I have but I can't do much idk why I just could do the quests to show I'm worthy and that's all

We also need more Arion content!!! >:/

Can someone tell me how to access to the red orc csmp? Or more orc events?

Please i beg you for making raul route work! And also we still wait for zad content >:/

How can we do the nsfw thief? Bc i really do love him <3

Can someone tell me how i get the brothel? Bc I'm already at day 200

How do we craft the gifts? And how do we do thw medexib for the guy at the zombie city???? 

Does anyone have news about the dev? Is he still ill?

I love this game so much! Just sad that we have to wait for more uppdates... 

I downloaded tge new update but the game doesn't want to work when i try to see update notes or after some minutes of playing

When will we have more interactions with our precious Arion!!!??

Is there an android version soon?

I love zad so much he's my favorite one!