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Hello there! This game is very neat! Good job.
It becomes kinda easy to play when you discover a possibility to reassign units between cities. But still it's fine!

It can be great to have a possibility to play for different 'scripts' with different starting cities - wider tactical variety etc.

Понравилось) И иллюстрации красивые. Диалоги только показались не слишком убедительными. а в остальном хорошо, на мой взгляд.

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Hello there! Your game seems quite promising for me since i love some physcal puzzles. Some feedback:

1. Some levels look like almost direct quotes from The Incredible Machine series.

2. Many levels teach you how to use obvious mechanisms, and then the 'magical' levels abruptly appear with different spells and so on. And it is not that obvious! I mean that probably you have to add more simple 'tutorial' puzzles on magical features, since the mechanical things are clearer.

3. The hand-written font is REALLY hard to read. REALLY.

4. The transformation interface is inconvenient in my mind. Even in old 'The Incredible Machine' games you are able to transform parts 'ad hoc' without using some side menu, as far as i remember.

5. Maybe you have to try more 'obvious' and 'self-explayning' button for starting the simulation. Current 'moon' button is really small and its placement doesn't seem to be 'logical' for such an important button. IMHO.

I hope this feedback may be useful for you.

Very pleasant little game. Really love the aesthetics, the seascape and all these little details on the islands. Also there is very neat boat dynamics. 

But i found that the final is somewhat worrying! I'm really interested what does it mean:)

Very nice game mechanics!

Neat game!

Really interesting and unique, but little bit buggy. By the way, how many endings here?