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Very pleasant little game. Really love the aesthetics, the seascape and all these little details on the islands. Also there is very neat boat dynamics. 

But i found that the final is somewhat worrying! I'm really interested what does it mean:)

Hey I just want to say as one of the creators it's cool to see people still playing this game. 

Thanks! We worked very hard trying to match the n64 aesthetics as well as making sure the world felt lived in. Im glad you enjoyed how the boat felt! That was one of our main goals, we wanted to make the boat have weight to it so that it felt nice and realistic why still being fun to drive around in. 

Yeah the finale was just us asking ourselves how do we end this but I think the conclusion we made fit what we were going for. As for what it means we kind of leave it up to how you interoperate the story of the game, i mean we definitely our own interpretation but we like to keep it a secret.

But I am glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you very much for playing.