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Nice Game....i think that a coyete time jump would be a good choice for this game.Great job

It seems that the problem was that i was using the arrow keys to control the character. Works fine with A and D. Great game and graphic

Thanks for playing...i know that the camera can be buggy sometimes but i didnt have time to fix it. I agree that the house would have been a good fireplace

I cant  seem to push the first box to the left it only goes right. Is there something im missing?

Great graphics and very interesting idea

Well done

Very unique use of weight! Great idea. How many stories are there?

Manged to finish the game.Great gameboy graphics and great idea..Good job

Great design..the only thing that i would change would be the camera shacking, it can be a little to much but other then that quite a great game. Jam on

Short but gold!good job

Thanks for playing! i guess a tutorial would have been a smart choice..i think many didn't had the patience to try and understand it. Well this is a good lesson!

In one hour? i dont know if their is one....but some of the easiest i hard of are: Stencyl and BuildBox

Just smiled while playing the game due to the music. Good job

Had lots of fun playing this game, for sure one of my favorite

Great minimalist look!Quite fun

Good job. I truly liked the horror atmosphere.

This bastards can eat cars and containers:). I loved how easy it was to control hundreds of rats. Somewhere at 80 % my 10 year old laptop started crying :)

Love the simple game mechanic, the music,  the graphics. Just a beautiful and relaxing game.You are on fallow list now:)

From my point of view the music doesn't fit the game and also the changing of the background color is killing me. The game is challenging in a good way. So good job and game on

Thanks for the review! You are totally right...i wanted to make a puzzle game at first,then i thought that it would be nice if it was more like an arcade game with a scoreboard at the end to see who had the best score(didn't had the time to do that) . I will check out Nova-111 for some inspiration. 

Hy tonz! Sorry i was away for 2 weeks. I wanted to enter in the minijam68 but didnt had the time. I will be back home soon and i will offer you any resources you need. Sorry for the late respons

Might be something here to explore. Needs a few challenges to make it more interesting. Good job 

Dont know why i need to shoot to get oxigen but i dont was fun! For a minijam it is a good game. 

This is a great game. Managed to finished it,loved it

Nice graphics and music. The controls could use a little tweaking, changing the direction in midair always threw me in the spikes. Enjoyed the intro and atmophere.Keep up the good job 

Great atmosphere and quite an unique game. Good job

A very fun game!Good job

I see pico 8 i upvote:). A fun and challenging experience

I love a good challenge. Great job. Some background music would improve the game a lot.

Great idea and a challenging game

I truly wanted to play the game but my old laptop doesnt have a video card. It looks stunning 

Noooo....but i will do so,thank you. I have seen an indie game documentary about him and the creator of Fez 

I knew that there was a problem with the wall collision but....forgot to fix it. Im glad that you enjoyed the game

Thank you and im really happy that you enjoyed the game. I agree that the music should keep running between levels.

Funny that you mentioned Super Meat Boy because it was one of the games that was used for inspiration. The restart was made to be a little slower in order for the particle effect to take place didnt know how else to do it. I will try to fix it.Thank you 

I guess that i got used to the x button from gameboy emulators bad.

Nice game and loved the old school artstyle

Short but challenging! Great mechanic. Truly enjoyed it