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Thank you so much for hosting this zine!!  being a part of it was an honor.. its always miku monday in my heart :'))

Hm I'm pretty sure it's just writing the save data, but if there are any issues in the future please let me know ^^

That's really odd, I haven't heard of any issues like that so far - like the game usually takes some time to open on the first try since it's setting things up  but will launch  fine / faster every other time.  It makes a new SAV file when you open it for your saves but I don't think it should be hundreds of MB worth - what do you mean by hung completely?  It would help if I could also know if you're running the game on a Mac or Windows - I tried downloading the Windows version of my game from here just now on a clean PC and it opened after 1 min and ran fine.

OH LOL yeah that was just one of the quirks of the software I used to build the game, I'll look into how to take that setting off for my next one though!  Thank you for the heads up regardless, I'll try adjusting the click to continue icon size next time ^^

Ah, you weren't wrong btw!   In one part of the store page admin they were saying to avoid linking to other sites in the description, so I seriously appreciate you pointing that out!  ^^;;

As for the game taking a while to launch, I haven't heard of it taking that long before or received any complaints about it yet - I'll try testing it on a different PC when I get home and see if I can recreate the problem on my end ;v;

Thank you for providing your system specs tho!  I don't necessarily see anything wrong with your laptop but then again I don't know that much about laptop specs haha-

Besides taking a while to load, did you have any other issues while playing?

Nice, I hope you enjoy the game!  If you have any issues let me know ^^

WHOA WHAT I did not know that!  Thank you so much for pointing that out to me, should be fixed now ^^

Ah!  That's because the game wasn't released at that point, now it is out ^^