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Ah!  That's because the game wasn't released at that point, now it is out ^^

Oh I see, I shall check it out tonight I think!

Nice, I hope you enjoy the game!  If you have any issues let me know ^^

Something is off with your game launcher, it would seem. I click it, it doesn't come up, and it appears to be copying a large amount (~hundreds of MB) to my hard disk? When it finally did start one time, it seemed slow and the application hung completely after a few sentences in.  Is everything configured as intended?

That's really odd, I haven't heard of any issues like that so far - like the game usually takes some time to open on the first try since it's setting things up  but will launch  fine / faster every other time.  It makes a new SAV file when you open it for your saves but I don't think it should be hundreds of MB worth - what do you mean by hung completely?  It would help if I could also know if you're running the game on a Mac or Windows - I tried downloading the Windows version of my game from here just now on a clean PC and it opened after 1 min and ran fine.

I'm running Windows and Task Manager shows it writing 50MB/s to disk (or higher) on and off for quite a while. I think it's working now though.

Hm I'm pretty sure it's just writing the save data, but if there are any issues in the future please let me know ^^