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Endless Cardio

A member registered Jul 28, 2019

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Are Steam keys available for purchase?

Loved the game so far but wanted to know before I continue if it is Linear or requires backtracking?

Perfect! Ty!

I'm on  Linux distro. POP OS 22.04 which is Ubuntu based.

Is there an icon for this game so that I can make a shortcut for it?

You did a great job. Short but it has my mind racing with possibilities.

I look forward to your full release.

Is the full game available for purchase here on

This game is great. Can we buy it here? Not feeling making another account on another service or can we buy it direct from your site?

Pretty much. Have fun putting your spin on it.

Redream. The dreamcast emulator. It's need an official icon for short cuts.

This Prelude is fucking excellent. I'm down to buy a copy when the full release comes out on, my dude! Keep up the great work.

Excellent game. Playing this on Ubuntu Mate 20.04. It's been a hit with family and friends. One thing to note. When 2 players are heading into another room there seems to be a snag where we have to enter the door a certain way for it  proceed. Not sure what to suggest or offer ya for help on resolving this. Other than that this was is excellent!

Thanks. That works.


Is there away to avoid seeing early access games?


This game's MP mode work without using Steam or do users need Steam to play it online?

Is there a way for me to play this using my own keyboard and mouse setup? I'm new to this genre and gameplay format and really struggling with the gamepad setup.

Excellent work.

Keep up the good work.